27 Things

Good morning.  I’m 27 years old today, and thought I’d reflect on some things from this past year.

1.  Marriage is like getting to have sleepover parties with your best friend every night and they never have to go home.  It’s awesome.

2.  I’m not meant to run a half marathon, as evidenced by a tendon tear last year and aching IT-bands this year – so I’m setting my sights on a 10k in September instead.

3.  Yoga is an amazing workout with mental and physical benefits.

4.  You don’t need more than one pot to make great macaroni and cheese.

5.  Coffee tastes better at the beach.

6.  There’s nothing like the unconditional love of (or for) a pet.

7.  Carbs taste better in Italy.

8.  There’s more to fitness than cardio.

9.  My brother is the coolest 18 year old on the planet.

10.  Wedding planning is not for the faint of heart.

11.  I love my job and the people I work with.  I don’t think there are too many people who really, truly, enjoy going to work each day, and I consider myself lucky.

12.  Family is the most important thing of all.

13.  Living within 5 miles of a Trader Joe’s can be dangerous.

14.  Bottom Dollar is the best place (in Pittsburgh) to shop for produce & kitchen staples.

15.  Chobani is the best greek yogurt around.

16.  The Zoltan really might be carrying the Pirates to the post-season this year.

17.  You can never have too many workout tanks (especially when they cost less than a dollar).

18.  Cookie dough for breakfast can be healthy.

19.  There are too many delicious places to eat in Miami.

20.  Sea bass is absolutely my favorite restaurant dish.

21.  Kale can be delicious and addictive.

22. I’m still obsessed with pizza.

23.  And Mexican food.

24.  Shellac manicures are absolutely worth the cost.

25.  Keeping track of your workouts keeps you motivated.

26.  27 isn’t really that old…. right?

27.  You can never have too much frozen yogurt.

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