9 Things Thursday

1.  Sorry I didn’t write yesterday – I can’t believe I missed a WIAW post.  Tuesday’s meals were kind of lame anyway.  Except for breakfast.  #breakfastfoodfriday

2.  Tuesday night we went to a surprise party for a (co-worker) friend’s husband (and new blogger!) at the Hofbrauhaus.  As someone who can’t tolerate a sip of beer and doesn’t eat meat, I enjoyed the restaurant and of COURSE the company.  Happy birthday again, Chris! 

3.  If you didn’t buy in to the triple berry tiramisu for the 4th, you can try the 175 calorie S’mores Cupcakes from last year.  The post and photos are terrible, but the cupcakes are delicious and deceiving simple, I promise.

 4.  So last week we talked (read: I rambled) about the finances of fitness – and loved all of your comments!  Today, let’s discuss the finances of coffee.

So after reading this article I was on my high horse about not wasting money on pod-type brewing systems.  But now I’m in love with my Keurig (except for the fact that most of the flavors are much too weak).  Why does Starbucks charge an extra dollar to add ice to your glass?  Iced coffee should be the same price as the same sized hot coffee – maybe less, since it’s poured over ice!  Now I make my sugar-free caramel iced coffees at home – sugar-free syrups purchased at TJ Maxx, Dark Magic K-cup brewed and stuck in the fridge, then poured over ice and stirred in my HUGE Tervis.  Win.

 5.  Made quinoa the other night.  Added a garlic and herb Laughing Cow wedge, some homemade pesto, avocado, and a chopped tomato.  Clean, delicious, and satisfying.  Duplicate meal on the agenda for lunch today!

6.  Do little boys ever grow up?  We spent the 4th in Lake Erie visiting our families (mine were about 20 minutes away at my uncle’s lake house) and sailing on his dad’s sailboat.  Adam and his brother played on the Seadoo, which he hasn’t ridden since last summer.  So much fun to see your husband’s eyes light up with joy.

7.  It’s funny how two days’ worth of over indulging makes you feel like death.  Pretzels and beer cheese (see #2), deep-fried veggie burgers (not by choice), several rum & diet’s, blueberry pancakes, cookies, and subconscious consumption of leftover cake can really get to you.  Looking forward to yoga and spin class tonight, #5 for lunch, and maybe salmon for dinner.  Yes.  Maybe all the clean air I breathed yesterday makes up for the poor food choices?

8.  Officially hoarding Love Grown.  Found it at TJ Maxx again.  Left with only 2 more bags instead of 4.  Baby steps, people!

9.  Pittsburghers – have you signed up for the ‘Burgh Blogger Bash yet?

See ya tomorrow for Breakfast Food Friday!

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