I have the honor of standing by Nancy’s side as one of her bridesmaids when she gets married next month.  She and her fiance’ are both medical students and have been living in Philadelphia, where her husband-to-be’s aunt threw her a bridal shower last month.  Since she grew up in Pittsburgh (we’re friends since freshmen year of highschool), I offered to throw a shower for her in Pittsburgh this past weekend for all of the guests who couldn’t make it to Philly.

My mother was awesome and agreed to host the shower at my parents’ house (since I’m still kitchenless - feel free to harass my husband to get my cabinets installed), and we went with a tea party theme – I know Nancy always liked drinking tea, and I thought it was a perfect outdoor, girly theme for a bridal shower in May.  I envisioned tea sandwiches (cucumber, chicken salad), delicate pastries, and fruit.

Remember when Adam and I went to his cousins’ Polish wedding on our honeymoon?  Matthew is a chef who worked in a high end restaurant and made most of the food for his own wedding.  He and his wife are here visiting for the summer, and we “hired” him to help us make some fancy treats for the shower.  His artistic touch really put the food over the top – and made our dishes pale in comparison. 

First, the food my mother and I prepared:

Iced tea & lemonade (my mom also made all of the centerpieces)

Pita wedges, hummus, roasted red pepper

Chicken salad with grapes on croissants

Cucumber sandwiches

Tomato, basil & mozzarella skewers

Matthew’s food:

Herbed brie baked in puffed pastry

Homemade pastry cups with fresh blueberry and raspberry creme

Savory pastry cups with herbs and vegetables

Homemade creme puffs with fruit whipped cream and fresh caramel drizzle

The most impressive part (in my opinion) was the gorgeous fruit spread:

Completed with the bride’s name carved in to a watermelon!  He says this only takes him about an hour to do! Check out the one he made for his own wedding in this recap post.

The favors included tea satchels, tea cups & plates, toast grabbers (made by a guest’s husband) and my aunt Jackie’s famous sugar cookies.

She also made them as favors for my shower – they’re ALWAYS a hit.  Aren’t they adorable?  More importantly, they taste amazing.

The happy bride-to-be and my mother, the amazing hostess.

It was the perfect day!

Do you like themed parties?  What does your perfect bridal shower look like?

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