Hi!  I’m a dietitian and newlywed from Pittsburgh, PA.  I love to eat and experiment with new foods, recipes, and restaurants.

Don’t know what a dietitian (RD) is?  I explain what we do and how we become RDs in this post.

I’m new to the blog world but used to write several AOL magazines back in ’90s and really love the online writing community.  The blogs on my favorites list are all inspirational and I love to get inspiration from them.

My blog will mostly focus on food instead of my personal life.  I might mention personal events or friends/family, but that really isn’t what this blog is here for.  I want to share my knowledge, ideas, and experiences that involve food, excercise, and living well.

I am a registered dietitian but by no means am I the food police.  I love to indulge in chocolate, frozen yogurt, and other forms of “junk” food on a regular basis.

Everything in moderation!

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