Best of Recent Eats (WIAW)




Hi friends!  It’s been a while – a week exactly.  Things have been crazy with work, but my meals have been delicious – here are some highlights:

Best breakfast: Carrot cake version of my favorite pancake recipe – topped with almond butter and light cream cheese.  Finally a way to use up carrot pulp from my juicer!  Recipe to come.  Perfect for the “Love your Veggies” theme!

photo 3-3

Best lunch: Homemade version of a Chipolte salad, with baked tilapia, fish taco style – topped with spicy hummus, roasted peppers and onions, black beans, and guac.  :)

photo 2-3

Best appetizer: So, my mom got Downton Abbey season 3 from my Dad for Christmas, and we indulged in some delicious Thai food while watching two episodes.  We’re now two weeks ahead of PBS but I also don’t want to rush through the whole season because then it will be FOREVER until season 4.  Anyhow – some delicious fresh tofu spring rolls – the sweet peanut plum sauce is the kicker.  We also shared pad thai and vegetable skewers.  Mmm.

photo 1-3

Best dinner: Stuffed portabella pizzas, Pinterest inspired and PACKED with protein.  Grab the recipe over at the UPMC My Health Matters blog!

photo 4-3

Best dessert: Single serving (well, I made two – one for me, one for Adam) cupcakes with homemade strawberry cream cheese frosting.  This was our Superbowl watching treat!  I used this recipe.

photo 5-2

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?  What’s your favorite single serving dessert?  Feel free to add a link below!

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