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Most essential breakfast component for me today – coffee.

Grande dark roast, steamed soy.  Mmm.  I treat myself on Fridays to Starbucks instead of making my own coffee – once a week is way more justifiable than every day.

Struggling to keep my eyes open this morning.  I had one of those nights when I had been exhausted all day but just wasn’t tired once I went to bed – ever been there?  And then you get agitated that you’re not asleep yet, and then you REALLY can’t sleep…

Breakfast was prepped last night, thank heavens.

Lucky for my husband, a 98% empty jar of cookie butter makes me happy instead of angry.  98% empty containers of Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Chobani, not so much.  But anyhow…

It’s been chilly in the mornings here, so I made voluminous oats to re-heat in the microwave this morning – thankfully the cookie butter jars are glass, so it’s safe.

1/2 cup oats, 1/2 banana in tiny pieces, 1.5 cups water – whipped on the stovetop.  Seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla stevia, this batch filled the whole jar!

My new favorite granola (mentioned in this post) is almost gone too, but just enough crumbles on the bottom of the bag to be the perfect topping for these oats.

Carrot Cake Love Crunch is the best granola ever.  Organic and only $3.99/bag. 

Link up your breakfast (or any one from a post this week) below! 

Have a great long weekend! <3

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