Marvelous Valentine’s Day and More

I hope you all had a  marvelous weekend – and Valentine’s Day!  Link up what’s been going on with you over on hot-mama-to-be-Katie’s blog.  It’s one of my favorite holidays – I’m a sucker for romance and chocolate.  These beautiful flowers greeted me when I returned from St. Augustine – I’d choose any day flowers … [Read more...]

A Weekend Away

Good morning!  I have a fun recap post today – I was lucky enough to escape to sunny St. Augustine with my brother, uncle, dad, and grandmother for a few days this past weekend.  There’s nothing like sunshine and the sound of the ocean to de-stress!  Oh, and PLENTY of amazing food – which I’ll … [Read more...]

Best of Recent Eats (WIAW)

    Hi friends!  It’s been a while – a week exactly.  Things have been crazy with work, but my meals have been delicious – here are some highlights: Best breakfast: Carrot cake version of my favorite pancake recipe – topped with almond butter and light cream cheese.  Finally a way to use up carrot … [Read more...]

Marvelous Things on a Monday

Hi all!  After an exhausting, stressful workday all I could think about was watching Downton Abbey from last night – and if you watch the show, O. M. G. Let’s focus on some happy, positive, marvelous things from today and this past weekend.  Love this optimistic link up thanks to Katie! My new favorite breakfast, … [Read more...]

The site lives!

Hi friends – I’ve been having some major issues with the site – it was down completely for days. Now I’m back and playing with the new look – please be patient with me as I’m not so tech-savvy! Hopefully we’ll be back to talking about food tomorrow!