This post was supposed to show up last night, I don’t know what happened!   It was certainly a marvelous weekend!


I spent this past weekend in New York City with three of my best friends, celebrating my friend Rachael’s bachelorette weekend.  We rented a room at the Kitano in midtown, a Japanese hotel with a weird heated/electronic toilet system, and enjoyed a weekend of shopping, eating, and wine.



The room even had an Empire State Building view if you looked way to the left and squinted your eyes. ;)


I’ll share more about the restaurants we visited tomorrow, but today I want to highlight one of my favorite parts of the trip – the Chobani yogurt shop in SoHo!



Of course I love frozen yogurt, but this was even better!  Just classic, perfect greek yogurt, with a variety of delicious mix-ins, made to order.

See the yogurt chefs in the background?


You place your order with a friendly salesperson on a PDA, then minutes later they call your name and present you with your treat.


Luckily, we all ordered different things and got to try each other’s!   Here’s the sign describing the options (both sweet and savory!), and what we ordered:


I chose the fig and walnut, which I loved – I think I picked the best! ;)


You can either keep your adorable glass cup, or recycle it for a coupon toward your next visit!  Very green, efficient, and adorable all at the same time!

If there was one of these near by, it would definitely be my choice instead of frozen yogurt!

Chobani SoHo on Urbanspoon

Have you been to or heard of the Chobani shop in NYC?

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