I had chocolate for breakfast yesterday.  And it will probably happen 19 more times.

No, I didn’t have a chocolate buttermilk cupcake (but that sounds like a great idea, too).

I had dark chocolate oats.  And I bought 4 packages (5 x 4 = 20).  They’re healthy – they have flax seed!

I’ve talked about my love for the Better Oats brand before, and the Raw version is by far my favorite (with no added sugar).  However, they weren’t in stock the past few times I went to Big Lots, but 2 days before Easter, the shelves were stocked.  When I’ve looked online, a package of 5 sells for around $5 – these were 90 cents!  I bought a box of apple cinnamon, maple struesel, and 5 boxes of the Dark Chocolate Lavish.  

The package has a line to help you measure the water needed to prepare them – 2 minutes in the microwave, and they’re done!

For 160 calories, these kept me really full.  Granted, 12 grams of sugar is more than I’d prefer – but it’s the same or less than in most flavored yogurts or canned tomato soup!

I also added a scoop of chocolate protein powder to make them keep me full longer.  There are actual dark chocolate chips in the mixture that melt into the oats!  Look how chocolatey the final product is:

Verdict?  I don’t regret buying 4 boxes!

After fish, sweet potato, and veggie leftovers for lunch and a challenging hour long spin class, I prepped a huge bowl of Mama Pea’s sunshine kale salad to chill while I showered.

The rest of my dinner was the end of my Mexican leftovers - why do refried beans ALWAYS taste better from a restaurant?

Obvious answer – fat and sodium!  The rest of my shrimp & veggies were turned in to a burrito with a thin slice of Monterey jack.

All of the nutrients in the kale salad helped to negate all of the Easter candy I’ve been eating, right?

Apparently my husband decided to start reading my blog (and he likes it!).  Thanks for the flowers hubby! <3

 Have a great Thursday!

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