Dining In The Oldest City

Today’s WIAW post is a recap of some of the delicious meals and snacks I had while on my short weekend trip to St. Augustine..


We had stayed here once before (3 years ago), so I knew there were places I wanted to visit again.  The first night, my dad, JR, and I had a delicious meal out at the Casa Monica hotel’s restaurant (95 Cordova) in the center of town.  It’s one the nicer places in the city, and was visited by former President Clinton recently!  I chose the sea bass for my entree, since it’s pretty much my favorite meal and I don’t get the opportunity to have it too often.  It came with garlic whipped potatoes and steamed asparagus.  Rich and filling!

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The next day, my uncle, JR and I went for lunch at one of my favorite spots from our previous trip – Mexican/Mayan cuisine at Casa Maya.

photo 1

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They used to be located in the building on the right (with the orange steps), and had 2 outside tables and 6-8 inside.  Now they’re in a large, beautiful two story building with a second floor deck!  I’m glad they’ve been so successful, since the food is amazing.

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One of the drink specials was chia lemonade, which I had to try – basically just fresh lemonade with chia seeds added.  Helped to keep me hydrated!

photo 2

For lunch, I ordered the Baccalar wrap – it had tempeh, hummus, pumpkin seeds, queso fresco, tortilla strips, cucumber, tomatoes, and cilantro dressing.  So. Darn. Good.

photo 3

My uncle had the white sangria (I was tempted, but declined when the serve said it was pretty strong!) and fish tacos, which were my second choice.

photo 4

And my brother had some kind of brisket sandwich – I didn’t bother with a photo, but he loved it here, too!

After lunch, we found another spot around the corner that we remember from our previous trip – The Hyppo, a gourmet popsicle shop.

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It’s on Hypolita Street, hence the name, but the decor and gifts are so bright and cheery.  They even dip your selected popsicle in melted chocolate if you want – and of course I did!  The flavors range from simple (strawberry, coconut) to fancy and unique like Reisling Pear or Blackberry Goat cheese!

photo 1-1

I chose the Banilla Vanana:

photo 3-1

My brother, with his boring strawberry, stopped to chat with a local on the way out:

photo 3-7

Although I was tempted to choose Casa Maya for lunch again the next day, we opted for pizza instead, at Pizza Time.  The owner was chatting away in Italian and it made me miss our delicious Italian food on our honeymoon.

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I choose a veggie loaded Primavera slice:

photo 5-1

The last notable meal was our dinner at Cap’s, a big restaurant on the inter coastal with a large bar and outdoor dining space.  Typically in vacation towns I feel like these types of places are tourist traps with sub-par food, but we had another great meal there.

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photo 2-2

Although I usually skip bread and butter at restaurants, the waiter said that the “daily” butter was a sun dried tomato and walnut variety – definitely a unique flavor!

photo 4-6

For a salad I chose the beet, walnut, and goat cheese option:

photo 3-2

The presentation was great!  For my dinner I ordered tuna sliders (with avocado and wasabi sauce), and ate them without the buns.  The only disappointment here was that the fries were soggy. :(

photo 4-2

My last meal before heading home was at a marina-side restaurant called Beaches.  We missed brunch by 5 minutes (darn!), but I ordered chili shrimp with black beans and was happy with my choice.

Beaches at Vilano on Urbanspoon

photo 3

They had a huge beach bar and it would be a great place to stop for happy hour.

Phew, that’s a lot of eating in 3 days!  Trying out new restaurants (or old favorites) is one of my favorite parts of traveling.

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