Happy Easter Monday (to those who celebrated yesterday)!  Did you guys fill your bellies with delicious food too?

I broke my no-added-sugar fast with Chobani - Apple Cinnamon, to be exact.  And it was delightful.

After Church with my husband, we went to his parents’ house for brunch.  His mother and cousin (who is a chef) prepared at least 6 different kinds of eggs – which I was forced to try all of since I didn’t partake in the Polish meat-eating.  I am egg-ed out right now.

I spent Saturday baking, including making these Cherry Almond Scones to take to brunch.

[based on this recipe, minus the chocolate chips]

I ended up with 18 from my batch, so I may have flattened the dough too much – made them lower in calories (per scone).

For dinner at my parents’ house, I made a few treats: homemade hummus (appetizer), bird’s nest macaroons:

[inspired by these, but based on this macaroon recipe - no sweetened condensed milk]

And an Easter version of this crazy addicting popcorn:

(recycled photo) with crushed pretzel chips, Rasinettes, and spring inspired sprinkles, based on this recipe.  I ate so much that my stomach hurts to think about it.

Between the appetizers, potatoes, asparagus tart & carrots, I didn’t even miss an entree for dinner last night – the only negative is no leftovers for lunch today!

Breaking my sugar fast also included plenty of Robin’s Eggs – my favorite, Coconut M&Ms (new and delicious), my aunt’s famous sugar cookies, and a bite or two of carrot cake.

Best thing you made for the holiday weekend?

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