Eat Repeats

Happy WIAW – and go over to Jenn’s blog to welcome home her handsome husband, Paul! <3  So happy for them!

Breakfast: Instead of making cookie dough overnight oats, there was so much extra cashew butter left in this jar that I made them “cookie” style – very little milk, some protein powder, extra chewy, dense, and filling.

Lunch: About 3 bites of leftover tuna noodle casserole (since the boys ate so much) and greek yogurt with granola.

Afternoon snack craving hit, and I avoided the vending machine but finished a box of raisins I had in my desk drawer.

Dinner:  I’m kind of a food snob.  I hate going to chain restaurants, and like to vary the places that we eat and try new foodie-spots.  After eating at Amel’s for the first time with my family last week, I had to drag Adam back there immediately – so we went last night.

Fresh warm pita when you sit down…

The waitress said appetizers were half price so I immediately ordered red pepper/feta hummus.  This plate really is as big as it looks.

In addition to a large menu with chicken, lamb, steak, fish, pasta, and traditional Greek fare, they also offer a seasonal menu, including items like this peach, tomato, and corn salad.

The sweetness of the fruit and tangy flavor of the cheese work so well together, and it’s dressed in a sweet, lemony viniagrette dressing.  So good.

For my entree I was planning on a big plate of grilled veggies and grape leaves, but the goat cheese stuffed shrimp over angel hair was too appealing to pass up.

There was some flavor in the sauce that I couldn’t quite pinpoint, but it had a sweet, roasted flavor with a bit of spice.  I’m not usually a pasta lover, but this dish was a winner.

Dessert was totally Adam’s idea.  I swear.  Homemade baklava.

We only live 2 miles from this restaurant, so I have a feeling we’ll be back pretty often.

Would you rather try a new restaurant or go back to the same places over and over again?

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