Eating Our Way Through: Poland

I already shared a  post on the plane food to and from Europe.  The first half of our honeymoon was spent in Poland, at my husband’s cousin’s home in Poznan.

They lived about 30 minutes from the center of the city, but had an adorable market less than a mile from their home.  It was similar to a convenience store (very small), but had a deli and bakery for the freshest products.

I enjoyed the candy aisle!

And the cookies too!

They didn’t drink milk with their meals but used it in their coffee (which was instant, by the way, and not too bad!).

3.2% fat… and they left it out on the counter all day!

Breakfasts and lunches were always pretty similar… freshly baked buns from the market, lots of different meats, and cheese for me!

One morning our hostess served us these mini pierogie type treat – they were filled with sweet cheese and peach jam and boiled.  They reminded me of crepes or blintzes – delicious!

The yogurt I purchased was insanely creamy and delicious – raspberry cheesecake flavored.  I’m so used to fat free yogurt that a little bit of fat makes it taste so decadent.

Another breakfast – with scrambled eggs this time.

I made a sandwhich of sorts.

Caprese salad was my dinner several times.

My husband’s cousin brought me this special pastry since he knew I love chocolate.

I’d never buy a packaged baked good here, but it seemed much more acceptable in Europe!

I have one more post of Polish eats and then I’ll start the Italy recap, city by city.

Do you find international or new foods interesting, or do you stick to products you know?




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