Hi friends.  How was your week?  Mine’s been busy, and I haven’t been cooking much (as evidenced by my lame WIAW post).  The spinach and cheddar baked quinoa is the last thing I’ve made in the kitchen, and now I’m really mad at myself for forgetting about the leftovers for the past few days.  Darn.

I’ve decided I’m officially an “office lady”.  I tried to avoid it, I swear.  But these three things are undeniable office lady qualities:

1) I keep tennis shoes at my desk for walks during lunch time. 

2) I can’t say no to “cake in the break room“. 

Click the link and watch the video.  You’ll either find it hilarious or incredibly annoying.  If you find it hilarious, later in the day you’ll still have it stuck in your head and then you’ll find it annoying.  Now you really want to watch it, right?  The glories of Pittsburgh morning radio.

3) I eat at my desk.  Ugh, talk about mindless.

On the busy note, I had dinner in the form of a smoothie in the car last night.  I made it around 5, kept it in a lunch bag with two ice packs until 7, and it survived quite well – part of it was completely frozen!

Random snacks at work, since I haven’t been packing meals:

Yogurt with defrosted berries, even better the second day (since you forgot to eat it the day you stuffed yourself with cake, office lady).

Oats in a jar, favorite peanut butter style…

A long time in the making since I gave up added sugars for Lent.  Made with Cinnamon Struesel Better Oats, and totally worth the wait.

And blood orange Chobani with honey granola.  Mmm.

I need to make granola this weekend.  Maybe perfect granola.  That’s my goal. 

Any goals for your weekend?  How about writing a guest post? ;)  Let me know if you’re interested!

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