Friends, Family, and Food

Hi all!  Just checking in to say a quick hello.  This weekend was a whirlwind!

My little brother graduated from highschool and gave an incredible opening speech as the President of the class of 2012.

One of my best friends from highschool got married on Saturday and I was the  maid of honor – and felt very honored!  I posted about the bridal shower my mom and I threw for her back in May.

My most important pre-wedding tasks were granola breakfast cookies & mimosas for the morning while we got our hair done and relaxed before the service. 

I chose the “twisted sister” ‘do from Pinterest and this was the result:

Not quite like the source, but I was still happy with it!

My gorgeous friend Nancy pulled off two gowns – one for the ceremony with a long veil and a shortened, champagne dress with a birdcage veil for the ceremony!

My speech went over pretty well and I was thrilled to just enjoy the rest of the night dancing with my husband!

Last  night was my Dad’s birthday and we went to a local Chinese spot to celebrate.  I didn’t take one photo of my meal or of the sickening-ly sweet butterscotch cake he always requests.  Love you Daddy!

After a weekend of partying, wedding cake and cookies (plus leftovers), sodium-filled deliciousness & birthday cake, I got back on track today with a 2.6 mile run before work and yoga at lunchtime.

Congrats the newlywed Doctors! :)

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