As we advance in fashion we have to appreciate the fact that what we wear today is excessively inspired by what we wore in the past.

The ready to wear industry has been ever growing and this required a work force, which mainly comprised of skilled immigrants that would minimize the ever increasing need for already made clothes, this fact is due to the fact that people were committed to some jobs that required them to be away from their homes for long periods of time.

During the period 1900-1910, we saw that there were very popular clothes that all wanted to have, for instance the shirtwaist, this was inclusive of a shirt and a skirt. Also the straw boater hat was popular with the women, although they had long hair; they wore the hair underneath the hat. There was also the corset, this was to cinch the waist and to bring out the figure of a woman because it was too confining.

The underwear that was worn in the above mentioned years were with bodice and was very restricting. Additionally, long neck, long sleeve and very long skirts were worn at the turn of the 19th century.

The blouse had laces; also two piece suits were then worn by men. The evening wear for women was long flowing, same to the wedding dress. The shoes were high, buttoned and were sharp pointed toes.

In the 1960's the youth showed that they were powerful by changing the fashion trend from the excessively long dresses, suits, hats and corsets to a much changed fashion environment which was referred to as the hippie clothing. The dressing was in form of a bit more revealing clothing, for example the plastic mini-skirts. The clothes were much looser and more casual look. At this time of the century, there was the unisex look, men could put on women's clothes and vice versa. For women's bra, stretch bras were fashionable as they were comfortable and they had no seams or shaping. There were also the ragged jeans that were so popular not that people were poor.

In the 1990's to 2000, there has been no strict fashion that has been followed. However there have been very beautiful clothes for these years.

Rappers have been wearing brown baggy jeans. Men return to the later official look that was the suit only that this time it is the three piece suit. An elegant platinum gown made of satin was worn during dinner; women also wore these dresses that were designated specifically for these occasions. There is also the beach wear that has over the years changed, from unrevealing wear to the semi-nude.

In the late 20th century jeans could be worn with jeans and still count as a fashionable dress code. However much we have shifted from the former modes of dressing, and then we haven't let them go, instead we are in a way getting back to them, fusing them with the latest trends.

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