Today, athleisure is a preferred choice for many millennials - no matter if it is fitness studio, office, casual outing, or a date. It is accepted for its versatility and comfort by many. It is not only a timely trend, but also a lifestyle to stay. In 2016, the segment started to gain acceptance and took the market by storm. Seeing this shift, many brands have incorporated athleisure wear collections and numerous new brands have emerged in the market. As people have become mindful to maintain healthy lifestyles, travelling often, and exploring adventures, activewear has started to evolve as a culture. Thereby, the segment is only growing enough to have a good stake in the apparel market.

Since the athleisure wear industry is populating with multiple players, it is time to take an innovative approach to stand out in the crowd. Innovation does not just limit to technology, but can be grounded on usage of colours, fabric, and patterns. Rina Nathani, Head Retail - India, SATVA Living shares how to revolutionise in the athleisure wear segment:

Welcome colours and designs: As today the apparel is not just limited to gym, it is wise to add some colours and patterns. The vibrant and trendy collection is more universal and appealing over traditional grey/back solids. It is understood from the colour theory that bright and vibrant colours add positive vibes and motivate individuals, therefore leading them to perform better.

Let the organics touch your skin: Being fitness oriented is a first step towards leading mindful lifestyle. Bringing an organic athleisure material can uplift the fitness enthusiasts to take a next step towards being mindful about surroundings and nature. Today Nylon, Lycra and Polyester are the fabrics that are widely used by most of the active wear brands, and one can break this monotony with a line of natural fabrics and dyes. Non GMO-organic cotton, wool, and bamboo are the raw materials chosen by few sustainable brands to fabricate athleisure apparel and stand-out in the sportswear segment. Most of the time the apparel sticks to one's skin while working out and it is essential that the garment is breathable and natural fabric aids in this.

Say no to fashion pollution: Studies show that fashion waste is the fifth most polluting agent in the current scenario. Hence it is the right time to move towards recycled material and adopt them in fabrication of athleisure wear. Today, many renowned brands have also chosen to participate in 'recycle revolution' with an apparel line made with recycled polyester. Clear plastic bottles are recycled to create fabric thereby contributing towards greener surroundings.

Today, fashion and science/technology are moving hand-in-hand. The innovation of anti-microbial/UV protectant yarn, fabric embedded with magnetic properties to save data, and fabrics resistant to stain have proved the same. Therefore, here is a shift in the fashion industry from being superficial to having a deeper impact on our day-to-day activities and surroundings. While the goal of the brand is to stand out in the crowd, taking the above approach would also make world a better place with new age fashion.