Hi-Tech Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (HTHI) has finished the erection of 1 spunlace nonwoven production line in Turkey, which is 3.5m working width without crosslapper to produce hygiene material with Max process speed of 280 m/min. This is the first 3.5m high speed spunlace line of HTHI without crosslapper in Turkey. The first Chinese 3.5m spunlace nonwoven production line with two carding and two crosslapper in Turkey was also supplied by HTHI, which started production in May, 2017. These two lines have marked the entry of Chinese top grade spunlace production line in Turkey.

HTHI was founded in 1949 and is the largest supplier of textile machinery in the world, and it mainly supplies complete set of nonwoven production lines such as spunlace, needle punching and thermal bonding; PSF production line, filament production line (POY & FDY), VSF production line, cotton spinning line, and sizing & weaving production line. HTHT has large number of customers using its PSF, filament, and VSF production lines in India and also in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Thailand. HTHI started to produce nonwoven equipment from the year of 2000 which has 90 per cent share in the Chinese market. The company has also exported to Turkey, Russia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Taiwan etc. HTHI is not only machinery supplier, but also a technology solution provider, and its market spans countries across Asia, Europe and North America.