If you're wondering which are the trends to invest in for the next six months, Beatrice McGraw has you covered with this collection of the top men's fashion trends for 2018.

We are halfway through the year, but I'm still sure many of you are clueless of the hottest fashion trends ruling the market. To be honest, you still have a whole six months to go before 2018 ends. Why not live the remaining months in style?

You won't be surprised to know that many of the top trends are combinations of traditional and modern apparel. Similar to what has been happening for the past few years, fashion trends of the 80s and 90s are back in stores with a bit of a modern modification. If you're wondering which apparels they are, we have you covered with this collection of the top men's fashion trends for 2018.

Vintage checks: During the end of 2017, almost every other woman was seen wearing vintage check shirts, pants, overcoats and even dresses. However, as 2018 started this fashion trend was adopted by men all around the world. You can witness just about any type of apparel from shirts to coats and even hats, being made with vintage checks. To start off, try a one-piece garment, like a shirt, blazer or jacket. If you feel it suits you, consider wearing a matching piece like pants or a cap.

Springtime polo: You simply cannot make a fashion trend list without the likes of a polo t-shirt. This piece of apparel is perfect for spring and summer. Not only does it make you look sober, you can also wear these t-shirts on special occasions or meetings as they are considered semi-formal. One thing that you can do this year is try on the full sleeve polo t-shirts. I know you may feel more comfortable in half sleeves, but the full sleeves one will protect you from the chilly winds during a rainy and windy season.

Loafers: Sneakers are long gone, and now loafers are what will satisfy your fashion taste. These leather shoes are perfect to wear under any type of outfit. With the sleek and gleaming finish, you'll set the ideal fashion bar next time you go out with your friends. Add a matching coloured belt in your pants and a watch in your hand to make it look even more appealing.

Vertical stripes: In 2018, you can stop wearing your horizontal stripe clothes, as vertical ones are in fashion. One significant factor about this trend is that it's your choice how bold or subtle you want your clothes to look. For a bold look go for stripes that are thick and of intense colours. On the other hand, for a subtle look, you can select thinner lines of similar or mild tones.

Turtleneck suits: Suiting is an evergreen fashion trend that never dies. However, there are ways to make your suits look trendy in every season. If we talk about 2018, it primarily depends on what you wear with your suit. During the summers you can enjoy wearing your round neck t-shirts or vintage check shirts. However, as soon as the temperature starts falling, swap it with a turtleneck shirt or sweater. With the combination of a stylish suit and a turtleneck, you'll get all eyes on you the moment you set foot out of your home. Try it with different colours while going out for dinner, your office or any semi-formal and social event.

Camel shades: With all the fashion ideas you already have, I'm pretty sure you must be wondering which colour to choose. We have the perfect colour for you to wear this year for a different and stylish look. You should opt for warm and vibrant shades of brown, which look similar to the colour of a camel. You'll look astonishing being covered from head to toe with this colour. One thing to keep in mind is that you can play with the tones of the colour for each piece of clothing. However, if you plan on going for a single tone altogether, get a tailored suit. You can pair the suit with simple designs and standard coloured jeans or sneakers to make your top standout.

Comfort dressing: Are you fed up of wearing all those uncomfortable skin-fit clothes? If yes, then you're in luck because men this year can enjoy wearing comfortable clothes. This includes soft and loose clothes made from velvet, fleece, suede and even soft fur. This fashion trend is perfect for winter and autumn months. The camel colour will look great with these types of fabrics, or you can go for black and natural white to produce a more decent appearance.

Wrap up: If you are still following fashion trends of 2017, it's high time you upgrade your wardrobe with all the current trends. These trends will stay alive throughout the year, so you still have six months to enjoy them. If you think we missed something, feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Beatrice McGraw is a content marketer who works for ExportHub - A B2B Marketplace.