As an absolute leader in China's spunlace machinery market, Hi- Tech Heavy Industry Company Ltd (also known as HTHI) has made impressive development since its first launch of modulardesigned spunlace machine in 2012. Now, with almost 200 running lines in China and exports to Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Mexico and Korea, HTHI takes 70 per cent market share in China's spunlace nonwoven industry and is an important player in the global nonwovens industry. Based on its profound knowledge in nonwoven technologies, HTHI has extended its business into Needle Punching nonwoven line and Air-through nonwoven line.

HTHI's growth is an epitome of China's nonwoven industry development. It is generally observed that with the improvement of the economy and living standards, the consumption of disposable nonwoven products also increases. In China too, wet wipes have become a daily necessity for most people. And diapers for both baby and adults, masks, disposable bedsheets and other hygiene products are gaining popularity rapidly among the Chinese people. HTHI has been riding this tide of consumption upgrading and has become the leader in this market. Foreseeing the great potential in this market, HTHI has extended its business into the market of Needle Punching Line and Air-through Nonwoven Line, both of which have gained approval from users.

As the fastest growing economy in the world, India enjoys a promising prospect. The growth of economy entails rise in consumption in the foreseeable future. HTHI, having won great reputation in India because of its synthetic fibre machinery, is now giving more importance to the nonwoven machinery market. HTHI believes that its reliable and costefficient nonwoven machinery will bring benefits to the Indian customers.