The quality of the card sliver has a substantial impact on yarn output. Well carded is therefore, half spun. LMW's Card LC636 is a step forward in the company's journey of breaking barriers and setting new standards in achieving consistent quality with higher precision.

The LC636 handles cotton, blends and man-made fibres with ease. With the highest active carding area of 1.95 sq. m. and a cylinder area of 3.95 sq. m. LC636 scores high on user-friendliness, promising long-term value to the customer.

More with less

With the increasing demands and expectations of modern spinners, a carding machine that does 'more with less' makes the cut. With a working width of an unprecedented 1.5 meters, the LC636 can now set the flow, and achieve 50 percent higher production levels with the optimal use of valuable resources.

The higher production capacity is realized by uniform feeding of compacted material from chute to card through a direct feed system. The auto-leveller ensures controlled feeding to achieve consistent sliver output. The specially designed licker-in geometry with arcual combing segment is instrumental in ensuring gentle opening of fibre with the least lint loss.

As much as 50 percent higher production can be achieved without any compromise on quality, thanks to 36 active working flats - which is the most for a modern carding machine. Conveyor web doffing in the delivery zone supports high material output without any sliver breakages. A uniquely designed automatic linear can changer ensures consistently high delivery speeds. This increases the overall machine utilization by up to 1 percent.

The LC636 by virtue of its superior design, results in substantial savings in humidification, saves running power for production and waste recovery systems, and requires lesser manpower to operate.

Easy installation and usage

The machine, with its modular construction, guarantees operator friendliness and minimum installation time. The licker-in, doffer and flat module can all be effortlessly taken out for clothing. With the availability of spare modules, downtime is reduced to almost zero, ensuring maximum usage of the machine.


Consistent sliver quality is the prime need of every carding machine. This is made possible with the unique construction of LC636. Further, every inch of the sliver is checked through an online quality monitoring system, with machine stop control to stop any deviation right when it occurs.

For the connected age

Card LC636 can be integrated with LMW's SpinConnect, a web-based central monitoring and control application. Operable through Wi-Fi and LAN connections, the system enables remote viewing of machine's status for effortless troubleshooting and software upgradation. Users can define and generate reports and charts to monitor performance, and work towards constantly improving the performance to newer heights. Also, pre-defined daily, weekly, and monthly reports can be automated and delivered as emails.