"Truetzschler technology has made my life more comfortable," says Rajiv Garg, managing director of Gupta Spinning Mills, Panipat, India. He was referring to the transformation experienced by Gupta Spinning Mills after installing the latest technology Truetzschler machines.

Gupta Spinning Mills had more than 150 old generation cards. The performance of these cards was erratic due to various technical problems. Getting the required production was a major pain area and the maintenance costs were sky high due to breakdowns. This impacted the efficiency of the entire mill.

In the year 2012, when Garg thought of modernising the mill, the launch of Truetzschler's TC series card - with its advanced features and excellent price performance ratio - came at the right time. Garg modernised a section of the mill immediately. Replacement of old cards with the TC series Truetzschler cards soon changed the trajectory of the mill with increased production and better-quality output. It also resulted in saving a lot of space with the reduction in the number of cards. Soon, Garg started replacing all the mills' old cards with TC series cards, until today he has a total of 58 Truetzschler cards that include TC 5, TC 8 and TC 10 cards, running on an average Ne 8's count, feeding 12,000 rotors and producing 125 tons of yarn per day. "No other cards can run at a production rate of 135 kg/hour. My life has become more comfortable after installing Truetzschler machines in my mill," says Garg with a great sense of satisfaction.

The mill workers are also happy as the new Truetzschler cards need less maintenance. They appreciate the innovative features of the Truetzschler cards such as the precision mote knife setting PMS in licker-in zone, precision flat setting PFS and T Con, to name just a few. The working environment in the mill has also become cleaner as the waste collection system of the Truetzschler cards is very effective. Overall there is now a pleasant ambience in the carding department as the workers' daily job has also become easier.

Adds Garg: "With the launch of each new card model, Truetzschler raises its own technological bar and we are looking forward to ITMA, Barcelona, for the new model launch from Truetzschler, which I am sure, will offer even more user benefits."