Reshaping the future of fashion. In the past years, various technologies have been tried in the fashion sector. Following a fast transition from conventional retail shopping to the online world of e-commerce, the impact of technology has been hard to overlook.

As in every sector, technology is transforming how business run and more recently, the adoption of virtual technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics that lead to more efficient and streamlined procedures, are transforming the fashion industry.

In 2019, four emerging technologies have the power to transform even further the way the fashion industry performs, for years to come.

Reshaping The Future Of Fashion - Virtual Reality

E-commerce and mobile technologies brought the first wave of changes in the fashion sector. Today, we can look ahead to a new game changer for future fashion retail, the Virtual Reality technology.

Consumers can already browse different items directly from their smartphones and, with a straightforward click, purchase the garments desired.

However, there's been a lot of cases where brands have encountered the backlash from consumers who get items which didn't meet their expectations.

Finally, with the help of virtual reality platforms rising, the e-commerce game is set to transform once again.

By combining the online and physical worlds in one unified field of mixed retail, where avatars are a critical part of the fashion real, VR, as a technology, brings a great future to the fashion industry.

Reshaping The Future Of Fashion - Smartphone Commerce

Thanks to mobile phones, the Internet can be accessed whenever and wherever. Along with communication apps, digital wallets, and media apps, the simple screens in our pockets have profoundly transformed our lives.

But now, smartphones are making their way into the business realm, where we no longer use them for emails and social media but engaging in active purchasing.

The next generation of AR capable smartphones will take online shopping to the next level.

Reshaping The Future Of Fashion - Artificial Intelligence

For the last five years, 'big data' has been considered the buzzword in most sectors in the business world, including the fashion sector.

But, the adoption of AI finally lets retailers see beyond data. See new trends, new behaviours, new consumption patterns.

As social media remains the king of the Internet, AI data collection and processing via the social media platforms prove to be a goldmine of information brands can use, not only to predict new trends but also to lower wastage, by understanding the gap between what's being produced and sold.

Reshaping The Future Of Fashion - Internet of Things

A hot subject over the last five years, IoT is one of the vital innovations that have the power to transform the retail sector.

IoT can 'mechanise' the world by allowing not only people to engage with daily objects through the internet but also machines with machines.

Digitalisation is changing the fashion sector, again. With the fast adoption of new technologies such as VR, AR-enabled smartphones, AI, IoT, the next level of tailored experience are expected to come.

From customised fashion manufacturing to dedicated consumption experiences, the future of fashion will cater to all sizes, tastes, needs and concerns.

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