Rieter's customer Sharmanji Yarns Pvt Ltd faced a high demand for its well-known polyester/cotton yarn. To increase production, the company decided to invest in a ring spinning system G 32. The customer profited from this new investment with higher returns in terms of overall productivity and product quality.

Sharmanji Yarns manufactures and exports yarns made of 100 per cent cotton as well as cotton and polyester blends. The company uses a ring spinning system with 98,000 spindles. Before venturing into yarn spinning in 2007, the company was involved in yarn trading in Ludhiana, Punjab since 1964. The company's star product is polyester/cotton yarn, which is well-known in Ludhiana for its outstanding quality. Thanks to its recent investment in a Rieter ring spinning system, the company has managed to increase its capacity to 132,000 spindles.

The challenge: Increase production of polyester/cotton blends

As a former yarn trader, Sharmanji Yarns is well versed in the quality requirements of yarn customers and the company places high importance on producing yarn of the same high quality as it was distributing as a yarn trader. It was the sharp increase in the demand for polyester/cotton blends that influenced Sharmanji Yarns to add this yarn to its product range. It was crucial for Sharmanji Yarns that the new investment would provide higher returns in terms of overall productivity and product quality. Further, Sharmanji Yarns wanted to take advantage of lower installation lead time to be able to grasp complete advantage.

The solution: Ring spinning machine G 32

Since 2007, combers and drawframes from Rieter have been meeting the high demands that the company places on yarn quality. Rieter recommended that the company management invest in a complete, powerful system, from the blowroom right down to the end-spinning machine. So Sharmanji Yarns became the first company in India to install the new Rieter bale opener UNIfloc A 12, an exceptionally productive machine which processes up to 2,000 kg of raw material per hour. The card C 70 draw frame RSB-D 45 and ring spinning machines G 32 were equipped with the Rieter man-made fibre package (synthetic fibre packages for processing polyester fibres and its blends). The combing preparation system OMEGAlap E 36 with its innovative winding belt technology and the comber E 86 with circular comb Ri-Q-flex were offered for processing cotton.

In 2013, the company tested six ring rails on the G 32 to discover for themselves the benefits it would offer in terms of saving energy and reducing yarn conversion costs. The impressive test results led Sharmanji Yarns to use Rieter machines in the realisation of its 27,648-spindle project.

Rieter's dedicated project team worked closely with Sharmanji Yarns' technical team throughout the preparation and installation phases to ensure fast installation and commissioning. After a three-month installation process, the system was ready for operation, delivering yarn which met the customer's requirements for both quality and quantity.

Benefits for Sharmanji Yarns

Sharmanji Yarns is now enjoying the benefits of a Rieter system: higher plant productivity with high yarn quality. The suction tube ECOrized installed on the ring spinning machines G 32 reduces the energy consumption. Together with the energy-saving machines in the blowroom line, the cards and drawframes allow the company to save around 8 per cent of energy in the UKG values. The entire Rieter system offers higher productivity, so it requires 10 per cent less space. This reduces the company's indirect costs.

Sharmanji Yarns was hugely impressed by these benefits. For its next expansion, the company has placed an order for a second system project (once again for polyester and cotton yarn production) consisting of 34,272 spindles.

Customer's statement

"We have been working with Rieter for a number of years, largely because of Rieter's innovation. The company is continuously developing its machines and offers us first-class solutions. This enables us to produce high-quality yarn while keeping operation and production costs low. The level of dedication of the company's after-sales support team is also very impressive. We are very pleased with our decision to work with Rieter," says Ashu Jain, managing director of Sharmanji Yarns Pvt Ltd.