The world of fashion is a constantly evolving one and even as new trends come and go, some trends emerge in the aspect of design and textile creation that seek to make designs easier to render and alter for the designer and also make the process of getting clothes faster and easier for the consumers.

One of these is the use of 3D fashion designer software for fashion and textile design. Considered the future of fashion design, it brings together the creativity of fine arts and the versatility and ease of use of computer software. Far from a fleeting trend, it is in the best interest of any fashion designer to get involved in 3D fashion design software as it will help take their designs to the next level and make the process of creating their clothes easier.

1.   Get a realistic rendering of the clothes: Typically, when a designer renders its designs on paper and draws by hand, he only has a wild guess of how the clothes will hang on an individual, but with the use of this software, he can get an immediate rendering of how the clothes will hang on a typical human form, including the creases folds and cuts across the patters. When you get this software, make sure to select this option to get a view of how your clothes will look on the human body from various angles and this might inspire you to make some changes.

2.  Test with different fabrics: Naturally, different fabrics will hang differently and have diverse looks depending on their make. After downloading the software, design with many different fabrics and compare how each one looks and feel free to combine different fabrics on a single design to get the desired result. This can include making certain parts of the clothing item have a different fabric than another and testing with different looks until you are satisfied and ready to release the design.

3.   Test with different looks: After you have decided on what fabric you would like to use, feel free to adjust the virtual design for different cuts, looks, embellishments, patterns and colours and of course, view the design from different angles to make sure it is what you want. This process will save a lot of time compared to drawing different possible designs or making mock designs that can take hours. This process allows you to complete it within minutes. Should you be satisfied with the final product, the design can be ready to be released almost instantly.


3D designer software is undoubtedly beneficial for any designer as it allows very quick, efficient and easy rendering of designs. It helps not only create with more ease but also keep up with the fast-paced world of fashion by getting your designs ready for the market in record time.