Aren’t we all too familiar with the importance of quality market research?

The textile space is constantly evolving and in such a scenario, failure to understand the exact needs and expectations of customers can cost a business hugely.

It can, in fact, act as one of the gravest mistakes and lead a business to crumble.

Having apt knowledge about the concerns and preferences of your customers, problem areas, changing market trends and opportunities in the textile arena can aid you in making well-informed business decisions.

TexPro, a one-of-a-kind UI(user interface) is built on that exact premise.

Read on to find out the top five things you should know about TexPro.

1. Raw Material Prices and Export-Import Data

To keep a finger on the pulse of the textile industry, you need to stay on top of the market fluctuations and the latest raw material prices. Besides helping you with that, TexPro can provide you with annual import-export data by value and volume for various countries.

What’s more?

TexPro enables you to download all the data with just one click.

2. Tariff Rates and Non-Tariff Barriers

It’s a known fact – keeping up with the tariff rates and non-tariff barriers can be quite challenging.

But, TexPro does an excellent job at making things simpler for you by providing you with access to downloadable data on existing tariff rates and non-tariff barriers in major countries.

3. Trade Agreements and Country Profiles

Planning to tap into international markets and expand your textile business’ footprint?

If yes, you need to have a solid understanding of your target audience in the respective countries and their markets.

Besides providing you with a readymade list of trade agreements between various countries, TexPro also covers comprehensive profiles of emerging players in the global textile space.

4. Government Notifications and News

More often than not, one needs to check out several government websites in order to keep oneself updated with the latest announcements made by the government. That may seem cumbersome.

However, through TexPro, you can access complete information on the latest textile and apparel industry-related circulars, acts, events, seminars and conferences announced by the government, all in one place.

5. Published Reports and Articles

The textile industry is growing at a rapid pace and has become more sophisticated, so familiarizing oneself with the fundamentals of the industry is more important than ever. TexPro comprises well-rounded reports and articles on highly-relevant subjects related to the textile and apparel market.

6. Final Thoughts

With meticulous detailing and high-value information, TexPro can serve as one of the most essential elements of your textile business. Moreover, it can help you come up with winning marketing strategies, thereby maximizing your business’ revenue.