Karim Guest is a New York based designer who launched KARIM GUEST NEW YORK Menswear in October 2018.

The vision for his knitwear collection was that of a modern, clean and sustainable luxury menswear line produced in Germany using only the best luxury yarns available in the global market combined with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

But this was not the ultimate goal of his - Karim wanted to create a platform for creative minds, giving them the possibility to design and realize their own authentic capsule collections which also follow his standards for quality and craftsmanship.

Karim is the Creative Director of THE GUESTLIST and builds every collection together with each of the creative minds he invites.

The idea of THE GUESTLIST was born in November 2018 and the first talks started that month.

Jennifer Joanou New York Womenswear

Jennifer Joanou New York Womenswear is a collection that Karim describes as feminine casual luxury - very New York. "I met Jennifer in New York and immediately loved the feminine touch in her modern and casual way of dressing. I also went to see her art a week later in her studio and loved her sensibility for color and texture. Jennifer is a true fashion designer and knows exactly what she wants for her collection. She knows and understands her customers and she is very focused on quality, colors, fi t and proportions when creating a collection, which works quite well with my way of working…"

Jennifer Joanou New York Womenswear will launch in Fall 2019. Jennifer already did a small exclusive event in Martha's Vineyard during labor day weekend. The collection was received very well and clients were very excited about the designs and the luxury quality of the collection.

Karim Guest New York Womenswear

Karim invited Susanne Kempf-Hartenstein to design the Womenswear Collection for KARIM GUEST NEW YORK, which will launch in Fall 2019. "Since I know Susanne she looks more New York than anything else when she dresses. From her haircut to her make-up to the clothes she wears. I was very excited to start working with her on KARIM GUEST NEW YORK Womenswear and thrilled when she showed me her fi rst samples. We speak the same language when it comes to design"

Mr Halpern LA Collection No. 1

He asked Michael R. Halpern, to create his own LA-inspired menswear collection. Karim loved the way Michael dressed from the moment they met in 2015. "Michael had that cool LA look and way of layering textures and colors which I only saw when I spent time in that city. As Michael lived and still works in LA, that look became part of his Style-DNA and he just knows how to put all of these stylish elements together."

Mr Halpern LA Collection No. 1 will launch in Fall 2019.

Armano Milano Menswear

"I know Armano (Gambino) since the mid 1980s. He was always one of the most stylish and fashion forward dressing people when it came to his own personal style. When he moved to Milan in the 1990's - to become one of the most sought after hairstylists in town working also in Paris, London and Berlin - his personal style became more and more refined and quite unique. I don't know anyone who understands mixing unusual colors and materials better than he does. Armano also has a fantastic sensibility for the right proportions."

Armano Milano Menswear will launch in Resort 2019/20.

Tina Harf London Womenswear

"Tina Harf is an artist, an author and one of the most interesting dressed women I know. Her style is totally unique. I will always remember her outfit the first time we met. Her style was so distinctive, colorful, joyful and - for the lack of a better word - global… the craftsmanship of the designs she was wearing that day were at a couture level.

When I asked her who she was wearing she told me that she designed these pieces herself."

Tina Harf London Womenswear will be launched in Spring 2020.


"The way Lea Attalla dresses, is the perfect combination of cool Manhattan downtown combined with the casual, cocooning luxury look of the Hamptons -I love her look and as it is quite unique I invited Lea to the GUESTLIST to create a collection based on own her personal style…"

Lea Attalla Sagaponack Womenswear will be launched in Spring 2020.

Anna Von Griesheim Zurich Womenswear

Anna Von Griesheim Zurich Womenswear is a modern luxury collection for women who are looking for feminine and unique designs that work inside and outside the office. "Anna is a successful womenswear designer who dresses women and business women in a luxurious, modern, yet feminine way. I love her style and when we had breakfast one day in Berlin she showed up in a camel colored double faced cashmere coat with a color matching etui dress underneath and a huge camel colored cashmere shawl. It was modern, pure - yet quite feminine. I had to ask her if she would join THE GUESTLIST…" Anna Von Griesheim Zurich Womenswear will launch in Fall 2020.