In the last few years, we have realized that the textile and apparel stakeholders across the globe are usually at a loss of information pertaining to their sector considering the complicated dynamics of the textile and apparel supply chain.

Having access to all the relevant industry information, from sourcing and raw material prices to export-import data, tariff and trade agreements is crucial to make well-informed business decisions.

This is where TexPro comes in.

As you can see, we’re making improvements to TexPro all the time.

Here’s all you need to know about our latest feature update.

Introducing ‘Analysis of Brands and Retailers’ in TexPro

Keeping up with other brands and the changing face of retail space is not a choice. It’s a necessity.

The Analysis of Brands and Retailers feature in TexPro does an excellent job at making things simpler for you by providing you with access to downloadable data on top brands and retailers in the form of structured reports.

Covering all the major brands and retailers, this feature will enable you to move forward with your effective retail business strategy. It will further help you analyze the data by compartmentalizing information and support you in a number of ways, providing complete insight and analysis in your business:

• Secure and easy online access to downloadable data and reports
• Broad reporting features, including reporting periods, historical timelines, regions, currencies, sectors,
types and analysis of the performance of five brands at a time
• Access to quarterly, yearly and half-yearly reports
• Evaluation of the financial performance of brands and their positioning
• Accurate and relevant information tailored to meet your business requirements

This feature meets your analysis needs and lets you identify potential avenues of growth. With ‘Analysis of Brands and Retailers’, you can interact with data, compare brands and retailers, dive into sectors and pull out the significant details you need.

Final Thoughts
TexPro provides you with access to information that can enable you to understand the needs of your customers, enhance their experience and ultimately exceed their expectations. With meticulous detailing and high-value information, TexPro can serve as one of the most essential elements of your textile business. Moreover, it can help you come up with winning marketing strategies, thereby maximizing your business’ revenue. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out now.