Gender-free and gender-neutral: what exactly does that mean? It goes beyond the sex assigned at birth. Gender-free is all about personal identity, attitude and behaviour. And this is not something stagnant. It involves expressing who you truly are - freely and unconditionally.

So, considering current debates and advocacy for gender-neutrality in the fashion world, I decided to put together a list of fashion-forward brands that tackle this expanding market of nonconforming fashion.

Get ready to release yourself from fashion stereotypes! And open up your mind to a new world of unconventional luxury brands.

Gender-free print and texture

Eckhaus Latta is a brand for print and texture lovers. To clarify, each garment has its own unexpected quality, such as panels, lurex, original construction or longhair sheepskin (sourced responsibly). Also, you can see that the designer - Mike Eckhaus - relates to new gender roles in a playful way.

Gender-neutral Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani is a multi-talented designer, photographer, film-maker and artist. He became well-known back in 2007 when he launched his first genderless collection. Rad Hourani offers a multitude of options for your everyday life - and make you look extra cool!

Gender-free colorful looks


Rich Mnisi is a South African designer that offers a feast for the eye (and the body!) in a wide range of gender-neutral forms. Explore the colorful looks, elegant pleats, thoughtful twists which can be found in every piece.

Sustainable British duo

Toogood is a duo of British sisters. Faye and Erica bring together gender-neutral pieces that are made sustainably. Indeed, the different collections, defined by wide lines and utilitarian look, tell different stories that highlight the creators' principles and motivations.

Asymmetric Wilde Vertigga

If asymmetry is your thing, look no further. With this in mind, I am introducing Wilde Vertigga - the brand that takes "a walk on the wild side". Specifically, in her collections, you will find edgy clothes that cover your casual affairs in a rather rebellious manner.

Zero-Waste Daniel

Zero Waste Daniel is, as the name suggests, a zero-waste pioneer based in Brooklyn, New York. As a matter of fact, his mission is to end the wasteful stream of the fashion industry. He aims to achieve this by using scraps to make couture designs, available in super limited editions. The ultimate innovative blend of exclusive gender-free fashion with sustainable transparency.

Time to embrace blurred lines

After all, we live in an age of empowerment and cultural shifts. So, it is time to embrace blurred lines that take the pressure off the gender traditional dynamics. As a result, this also allows each individual to dress they truly want to. In other words, it's about you showing your uniqueness. Everyone can rock any style, and you get to be you!

So, go ahead and decide how you will make the clothes you wear come alive. And step above all expectations, enjoy gender-free fashion in your own special way. And please keep in mind: have lots of fun!

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