Mask-ing to make a fashion statement

One of the biggest trends that the ongoing pandemic has wrought the world over is the mask. As Covid-19 spread its tentacles far and wide, masks soon became a core part of our daily wardrobe. The fashion industry was quick to jump on to this trend and make it the fashion statement of the decade. A year since the virus struck and masks today are available in all hues and types, beginning with the basic to the most protective and stylish in a range of materials.

Masks made of 100 per cent cotton material provide the best comfort; triple-layered masks are ideal for protection against various types of viruses and bacteria, a basic requirement from government authorities to safeguard against infection. An ideal mask is also the one that is breathable and has the least heat build-up. This allows you to wear the mask for longer hours than a surgical mask. So when you are at a party or somewhere out, you can stay comfortable for long hours in a mask that also protects you. Masks that are reusable are considered environment-friendly.

Wise Protec face mask

With the face mask as the new ubiquitous protective accessory, there is one brand that stands out from the hordes available today – the Wise Protec face mask.

The three-layered Wise Protec face mask is engineered to self-sterilise. Equipped with a special coating that kills the SARS-Cov-2 activity by 99.9 per cent within 30 minutes on contact with the mask, the Wise Protec face mask technology has been developed by Harvard alumnus Jorge Machado and his team of scientists.

“By combining a variety of latest innovative technologies, we were able to create and launch the best social mask available in the market. Our unique fabrics are impregnated with special antimicrobial agents that provide a safe and extremely powerful protection from viruses, bacteria and fungi,” says Machado, who is also a co-founder of Wise Protec.

The Wise Protec face mask is reusable for up to 50 washes with weekly washes; adding an extra layer of protection to daily life while simultaneously allowing the user to take an eco-friendly approach since it lasts for an entire year.

Wise Protec offers more benefits through its well thought out product range. In addition to anti-viral, the mask has properties such as moisture and temperature control, and high filtration. These masks are also available for kids in trendy solid colours such as blue, green, bright yellow, and coral.

Availability in India

Wise Protec partnered with to exclusively launch its anti-viral masks for Indian consumers. is the B2C arm of Fibre2Fashion – the world's largest textiles and fashion portal. Since the launch, the masks have been in high demand on various platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and Snapdeal.


One of the biggest disadvantages of masks is fogging of glasses. This is especially true for those who wear glasses or include sunglasses as part of their attire. There are masks that check this too.

Here are some tips on how to make a fashion statement:

Simple daily wear: Masks can range from multi-coloured to neutral that can be teamed with one's outfit. But your daily fashion need not take a dip and instead you can be a bit more stylish and pick masks with striking designs. There are masks in different patterns such as floral, forest themes, caricatures and abstracts.

Formal wear masks: These masks are apt for office fashion as work from home restrictions are being eased away. Office outfits are always on point and to match the aesthetics, pair them with equally slick-looking masks that have solid colours to go with your dress, shirt or tie. You can also use formal patterns such as stripes and checks that will compliment your formals of the day.

Masks for special occasions: Masks that make you look like one in a million are the best for celebrations and special occasions. Make a stylish mark at events with masks embellished with gemstones and eclectic patterns. Masks that have delicate threadwork in gold and sparkling materials are also trendy. The best thing would be to make your mask of the same material or fabric that your outfit is made of.

Masks for social change:  Many social causes showcase their message through masks. If you are one of those who is conscious of your surroundings or a social cause is special to you, you can opt for one of these masks and make any outfit a big message for people to see.

Bright neons:  If bold is your fashion style then there are masks available in funky neon combinations. Neon colours are a great way to make winter fashion spunky and noticeable.