The detachable collar era, the Jazz age, the economic cash-conserve fabric era, the age of wartime austerity, the era inspired by Elvis Prestley and the Beatles, and the fast-fashion era – these are just a few stops men’s fashion has taken over the years to arrive at the contemporary one of ‘casual with class.’ The idea of formality has been exchanged for all-things-comfortable, and what a trade-off has it been! The modern man gets to look professional without a full-fledged suit, casual without standard denim, and workout-ready without typical active wear.

Looking to create a capsule wardrobe that includes the most quintessential luxury fashion clothing? Maybe need help with editing pieces from your already maximalist closet? Get down to the basics! However, make sure you shop from the right place that pays equal attention to style, fit and comfort.  A leading platform where you can get sophisticated and comfortable men’s wear is Merchant Marine. Here are a few essentials that will help you look stylish all the time.

Wardrobe essentials for sophisticated men


So, the “Dog Days” of summer are knocking at the door, and even your "coolest" summer-ready denim is not making the cut. Now what? Beat the heat with the versatile chinos from Merchant Marine! Not only are these twill trousers perfect for flaunting a relaxed style, but they can even help you pull off more formal occasions when paired with a dressier shirt and a blazer.


Conferring a feeling of quality, individuality, and style means never breaking the first rule of dressing well – owning an intentionally curated collection of well-fitted shirts. The shirt is the core piece for an aesthetically classic ensemble. However, these timeless pieces are the most compatible with formal events such as interviews, business meetings, and date nights. Whether you are looking for full-sleeves, half-sleeves, printed or Navy Checks Shirt, Merchant Marine has it all.


T-shirts or tees have long enjoyed the privilege of being a go-to garment for a vast majority of men, regardless of the occasion. However, this wardrobe staple that dates back to the veterans of WWII, works best for occasions where wearing a shirt is either uncomfortable or way too formal. The comfortable and stylish tees available at Merchant Marine are perfect for running daytime errands or travelling in style. The key is to choose the right fabric, fit, and neckline.


Whether you’re bulky or slim, tall or short, daring or adventure-averse, the collection of jeans available at Merchant Marine has something for everyone. The golden rule is to avoid wearing these gems to a formal event; however, smart-casual occasions call for your trendiest pair of jeans, a crew-neck t-shirt, and a cotton blazer propped up by quaint horsebit loafers. However, key style mistakes to avoid when it comes to jeans are improper length, the wrong belt, the wrong colour, or the wrong fit.


All hybrids in the stratosphere of fashion are born out of necessity, and in this case, the need to reconcile athletic apparel with non-athletic settings. Say you need to hit the grocery aisles immediately after a mild run in the woods, but you're not in the mood to dress up. Owning athleisure clothes will help you put your best foot forward in all settings, even the seemingly drab ones because there's always the chance of being snapped by a Sartorialist!

We know that premium quality is one of the major criteria for choosing the above-mentioned staples. This is why it is best to invest in luxury fashion clothing from a renowned brand like Merchant Marine that promises class and unparalleled durability.

Merchant Marine: A luxury fashion brand for men

Merchant Marine is the latest online destination for premium men’s wear. The brand picks only the finest materials for tailoring its garments to perfection. You can find an exquisitely-designed collection of men’s wear at Merchant Marine – from sophisticated shirts to smart bottom wear.

Here is why you should choose this fashion brand if you’re looking for timeless luxury fashion clothing.

?Quality fabric

Premium quality is what sets Merchant Marine apart from the rest. You will never find the brand using synthetic or more artificial blends. It only uses the highest-quality yarns and trimmings.

?Immense understanding of the fabric

It is not just the right fabric but its quality that adds value to the garment. Merchant Marine’s pieces are based on a solid understanding of fabric blends. Even after frequent washing, you will never complain of colour fading or durability issues.

?Perfect fit

All products at Merchant Marine are true-to-their-size. You can steer clear of awkward and improper fits that bring your appearance down. The ideal fit will enhance the right parts of your body, making you look forever-stylish.

?Durable products

Do you wish to invest in garments that will stand the test of time? Merchant Marine’s luxury fashion clothing will remain as good as new for years down the line.

?Timeless fashion

Fashion may evolve at a lightning pace, but style is ageless. Merchant Marine offers classics for the modern man that wishes to leave a lasting impression. You will never need to worry about looking dated or out-of-trend when you invest in superior quality products.

?Seamless purchase experience

Merchant Marine ensures that you have a convenient shopping experience. You simply need to add items to your cart, enter your details, and choose your preferred mode of payment to complete the buying process.

?Competitive pricing

At Merchant Marine, you can get luxury fashion clothing at competitive prices. The pieces are as much affordable as they are premium. When you shop at Merchant Marine, you are investing in an item that will last for years.

?Best-in-class design

Merchant Marine’s garments are built upon solid designing principles that cover shape and form, line, colour-value, and texture, ensuring that you always look in style. Forget about keeping an eye on the latest trends – the brand does that pretty well for modern men. It’s time to let go of fleeting fads and embrace future classics. Merchant Marine is here to transform your sartorial life. You can shop its statement pieces here.