Is there such thing as affordable sustainable clothing? Oh, yes! It’s crazy seeing how many people still believe that high-quality, sustainable clothes can’t be cheap. In the beginning, I also had problems finding affordable sustainable fashion brands. The more I became aware of how my fashion choices affect the environment, workers, and animals, the more I wanted to shift to sustainable clothing brands.

Somehow, I thought that sustainable clothing brands were way out of my budget. I wanted to reduce my environmental impact and carbon footprint but was afraid that my wallet wouldn’t allow it! Then, one day, a friend introduced me to a different world of sustainable fashion.

A world of small eco-friendly brands, artisanal couture, slow fashion labels. That’s when I discovered some of the most beautiful and affordable sustainable clothing brands ever, that I am going to share with you today! Thanks to these ethical fashion brands, I now have a sustainable wardrobe that I am super proud of.

This article is for those on a tight budget seeking ways to shift to sustainable apparel brands. In this article, I’m sharing the best 31 affordable sustainable clothing brands globally; labels that I wear and support.

These fantastic labels are not only looking great on you, but they are very cost-effective and safe for the environment. You’ll love their comprehensive offering of sustainable clothes made from earth-friendly natural fibres, recycled cotton, and organic fabrics at reasonable prices. And, of course, without compromising quality and style!

For those interested in even more affordable sustainable apparel, check out this guide to vintage clothing and online thrift stores. Finally, to complete your ethical wardrobe, check out this article where we curate some of the best vegan shoes and eco-friendly bags.

Without further ado, here are the top 31 most affordable sustainable clothing brands that make ethical fashion possible for those on a tight budget in 2021.

1. Pact Clothing

Pact Apparel is an excellent sustainable label to start with if you want to build an eco-friendly wardrobe. Known for its affordable organic basics, Pact uses only 100 per cent certified organic cotton to ensure high-quality, sustainable garments.

As one of the advocates of fair-trade fashion, Pact’s entire manufacturing process is fair trade certified, supporting cotton farmers in India. The affordable organic brand has a wide range of affordable ethical clothing for everyone in the family: men, women, children, and even babies. I often shop at Pact when I need affordable sustainable sweaters, pajamas, pants, all under $50USD.

Pact is renowned for its organic and GOTS-certified fabrics, ethical manufacturing, and eco-friendly production. My favourites are their organic cotton t-shirts, lace undies, and bras, all from sustainable fabrics and super cheap.

2. Tentree

Tentree is a Canadian sustainable apparel and lifestyle brand, loved for its affordable ethical clothing made from eco-friendly and organic materials. As the name suggests, Tentree plants ten trees for every item purchased. But its commitment to sustainability extends way beyond trees.

As a B-Corp certified brand, the company has helped remove tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and reforested over 5,000 hectares of land (that’s equal to 12,000 football fields). Tentree also cuts down on vast amounts of waste and gallons of water usage with every piece of sustainable garment they create.

To cut down its negative impact on the environment, the eco-friendly brand uses only recycled polyester (vs virgin polyester), organic cotton, and other eco-friendly fabrics such as Tencel and hemp.

I love Tentree for its commitment to the planet! But, I also love their ethically crafted and sustainably designed apparel from eco-conscious fabrics.

Think comfortable, fair trade, super-soft, and long-lasting basics made from organic cotton for a super effortless wardrobe. Oh, let’s not forget their beautiful and also very cheap hats, bags, and accessories. I am a big fan of their Bamone sweatpant and InMotion high-rise leggings; make sure you give them a try.

3. Boody

Boody is one of the must-have ethical clothing brands on my list. Design for modern women, the brand offers super affordable eco-friendly essentials and ethically made basics made from the finest materials.

Whether it’s a bodysuit or a pair of briefs, all of Boody’s garments are made from organically grown bamboo. The raw materials are grown in China following the international organic standard. That means each crop is 100 per cent natural, grown free of any toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Therefore, expect hypoallergenic and highly breathable fabrics that are soft to the touch and on your skin. I always go back to Boody when I need comfortable and sustainable everyday basics: bras, underwear, and all types of activewear with a budget-friendly price range. For example, a 3-pack of sustainable options underwear will set you back just $38AUD.

4. Thought Clothing

Thought clothing focuses on responsible sourcing of sustainable materials and the creation of affordable unique designs. Thought’s affordable sustainable clothing is ethically made with organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, recycled fabrics (from recycled plastic bottles), and other eco-conscious materials. This responsible clothing brand makes sustainable fashion accessible with coats, loungewear, dresses, pants, underwear, and more.

In my opinion, with plenty of options and affordable clothing under $50, Thought Clothing is a great place to kickstart your sustainable wardrobe. I like a lot Thaught’s affordable eco-friendly clothing for its unique colours and gorgeous styles.

The UK-based brand designs for modern women and their super affordable pieces are perfect for work, a night out, or even lounging (cozy socks, comfy nightwear, and much more). And if you’re not a UK resident, do not worry as Thought has worldwide shipping!

5. Happy Earth

Inspired by nature, Happy Earth Apparel is an organic clothing brand based in the US, built around protecting the planet.

The B Corp certified brand has everything an eco-fashionista expect from a sustainable brand:

– Partnerships with non-profits.

– Sources only organic materials.

– Fight climate crisis.

– Fair conditions for workers.

– Sustainable packaging.

– Ethical manufacturing.

– Cleans up trash and waste.

– Plants trees.

I love Happy earth’s sustainable apparel, for allowing me to give back with every single purchase. Overall, this brand makes the planet a better place with every product and every purchase. My favourite Happy Earth products are the brand’s ethically made tees, hoodies, and squat-proof leggings.

6. Able

Able believes that to end generational poverty, and economic opportunities must exist so that people, in particular women, can provide for themselves. Able is a certified B Corp brand known for its beautiful bags and wardrobe staples made by women for women. Women empowerment is at the core of ABLE: “Made worldwide by fairly paid women who have overcome extraordinary circumstances such as human trafficking.”

And, along the way, during the production process, all makers receive fair living wages. I love Able’s jeans, made and stylish at the same time. Plus, as a woman, I support not just their variety of apparel but also what the brand stands for!

7. Kotn

Kotn is an affordable sustainable clothing brand crafting apparel with organic Egyptian cotton. Kotn is an affordable sustainable clothing label from Canada, featuring a wide assortment of men’s and women’s ethically made attire, most of them under USD 100.

I love Kotn’s sustainable clothes made from soft and remarkably breathable Egyptian cotton. Overall, Kotn makes some of my favourite ethical wardrobe staples in a fair and safe environment.

By working directly with farmers, the brand pays fair prices for cotton and assists suppliers in switching to organic production. I love their classic white tees and ribbed bottoms with affordable basics – Kotn delivers excellence, quality, and comfort.

8. Eclipse

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Eclipse is a slow fashion brand featuring everyday basics and affordable sustainable activewear under $100USD. Designed with very bold colours Eclipse’s eco-friendly clothes stand out from the crowd. Eclipse uses proprietary patented fabric that embeds activated carbon particles directly into fibre.

This innovative technology increases the surface area by up to 800 per cent and imparts superior performance characteristics. The clothes are also packaged in biodegradable cellophane bags.

9. Chnge

Chnge is a very affordable sustainable clothing label that focuses on organic cotton as its primary material. While the brand’s super cool pieces are made in India, the products are ethically created in factories that meet third-party certifications.

I am talking here about Fairtrade, GOTS, Oeko-Tex, Global Recycled Standard, Wrap, and Carbon Neutral, standards that even some European sustainable clothing brands are missing. Chnge’s organic t-shirts, dresses, crop tops, and basics feature uniquely styled graphics that spread positive messages such as unity, feminism, and more.

If you want to shop from Chnge, you’re looking at around $30USD for a printed tee made from high-quality organic cotton.

10. Honest Basics

Honest Basics is another affordable eco-friendly clothing brand working to make fair fashion accessible to everyone. With a deep focus on wardrobe essentials such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans, the label has clothing options at the most affordable price points.

As the brand carries affordable sustainable clothes for men, women, and children, most of them under $20, I recommend Honest Basics products to everyone looking for cheap, sustainable basics. All products are ethically made with GOTS-certified organic cotton in Bangladesh and India GOTS-certified factories that meet the International Labor Organization standards.

11. Plant Faced Clothing

Plant Faced carries 100 per cent ethical and cruelty-free streetwear at the forefront of the ethical fashion movement that spreads positive messages and encourages conversation. Vegans and plant-based consumers love the brand’s popular sustainable graphics.

I started to shop this brand when I’ve heard it ‘gives back to Mother Nature’ by planting a tree for every item sold via a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. If you are or want to become an ethical shopper, but your budget is quite tight, this is a great label to start shopping for organic cotton tees and hoodies made from earth-friendly materials.

A tremendous eco-friendly affordable label with a wide range and variety of styles, all under 50 British Pound. Two of my brand’s favs right now are the Kale’ Em With Kindness T-shirt and the Plant Based Kanji beautiful hoodie in black.

12. Etiko

The label is quite famous on the Australian market for its graphic tees, hoodies, underwear, and leggings to shoes, all under $100AUD. Thankfully, most of its factories are in developing countries allowing this label to positively impacts cotton farmers, workers, local trade, and the overall sustainable fashion industry. In general, I like Etiko’s extensive range of clothing made from eco-friendly materials.

But, above all, I love their affordable sustainable clothing made from recycled plastic bottles as it cuts down the cost of production without compromising quality.

13. Noctu

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Noctu is a British eco-friendly sleepwear brand focusing on limited editions of affordable clothing made only from organic cotton. I like that the brand’s nightwear and quality garments made – in ethical conditions, I underline – here in the UK, combating the ‘lowest wages’ issue.

Inspired by other sustainable labels operating in the apparel industry, with each purchase made, Noctu donates to the World Land Trust (WLT) to further its social impact. Noctu has a wide range of styles and affordable fashions for men’s, women’s, and children’s.

I am a big fan of their sleepwear, with excellent eco-friendly options under 50 British Pound.

14. Rapanui

Rapanui is another excellent label that makes affordable sustainable clothes from natural materials. However, compared to other labels combating waste fashion by using recycled bottles in their sustainable practices, this label uses renewable energy. Rapanui practices a circular closed-loop system and makes great fashion products from the materials it recovers.

Moreover, all of the brand’s beautiful pieces are designed to be sent back and repurposed once worn out. What a great way to reduce the fashion industry’s waste while creating eco-fashion clothes on the cheap, affordable side.

I often visit their online store to order a 5-pack of organic cotton tees for just 38 British Pound.

15. Boden

Boden is one of the most-loved sustainable clothing British brands right now, very popular for their classic ranges of adult apparel, children, baby clothing, accessories. Founded more than 25 years ago, the company is renowned for its ethical clothing collection, which is equally sustainable and expansive.

The brand engages in ethical production, fair wages, gives back, and even uses recyclable packaging. I love Boden as a one-store destination for the whole family, with expedited worldwide shipping options.

I also like that they ship garments in recycled (and recyclable) packaging. For sustainable and affordable apparel that will last, say ‘hiya’ to one of my favourite brands for sustainable clothing.

16. Ref Jeans

From the many well-known brands on my list, Ref Jeans is the only one tackling denim waste. Launched by Reformation in 2017, this unique label uses the fashion brand’s same eco-friendly practices and high manufacturing standards.

With excellent materials, sustainability, and ethics, Ref Jeans is making affordable denim available to everyone. I like a lot the brand’s jeans made of a blend of organic cotton and Tencel. Ethically made, these beautiful pieces of denim are made only a third of the water used by other denim companies and competitors.

With dozens of affordable denim styles, this online store is a must-know if you want fashion-forward jeans to impress and complement your sustainable capsule wardrobe.

17. Girlfriend Collective

A brand for sustainable women interested in artisanal traditions and ethical practices, Girlfriend Collective is the ‘ethical Urban Outfitters’, at least when it comes to the wide style range. I personally love Girlfriend Collective for its line of affordable, inclusive, and sustainable activewear.

With sizes ranging from XXS through 6XL, the brand offers bras, shorts, leggings, and tees made of recycled materials such as discarded water bottles and fishing nets. The label makes its clothes in Vietnamese factories, where workers are provided with safe conditions, fair wages, and standard working hours.

Girlfriend Collective also launched the ReGirlfriend initiative aiming to recycle old pieces of clothing. The brand will recycle the fabric and transform it into new materials to be used in their new pocket-friendly clothing lines. Moreover, as you donate your old clothes, you’ll receive site credit as a thank you.

Big on recycled materials, inclusive sizing, ethical working conditions, fair wages, and giving back, this brand sounds like a win-win to me. PS: Try out their Paloma Bra, a sports bra made from recycled water bottles; it looks and feels phenomenal.

18. Organic Basics

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When I look back at my early days of searching for cheap ethical clothing and eco-friendly clothing brands, Organic Basics kept popping up. Initially, I thought it was just the general term rather than a brand. But as soon as I’ve realised that this is a fully-fledged brand selling sustainable clothing that’s not pricey, I’ve become a big fan of their bras and undies.

And, as I have been wearing them for a few years now, I can honestly say they make genuinely special undergarments. Even after several washes, my underwear, bras, bikinis, and leggings are still in superb condition.

One of the softest and comfiest affordable sustainable clothing labels ever, Organic Basics is a must-wear for underwear. Also, as the brand uses various eco-friendly fibres in their excellent collections, the retail prices aren’t on the super low side.

Yet, every piece I’ve ordered from them was more than worth it – unmatched sustainable underwear quality!

19. Made Trade

Made trade is the perfect one-stop store for everything fashion that’s affordable, sustainable, and fairly made. Made trade makes sure each product they have on their store covers one – or more – of these values:

– Sustainable Products

– Fair Trade Practices

– Heritage – Made in the US

– Cruelty-free and Vegan

I like that each of the above values is shown as a small symbol placed right next to the product, so you know precisely the category it falls under. Highly recommend you to check out all of their sustainable clothing pieces under $150 – there are a lot!

Some of the brand’s favs, for me at least, are the Henrietta smocked dress and the Yashvi top – check them out.

20. Tonle

Tonle is another very affordable ethical clothing brand that makes zero-waste look so good. Every design from Tonle is made from deadstock fabrics and rescued textiles. Besides its excellent eco-fashion practices, Tonle believes in hand-made fashion pieces by supporting and creating fair working environments for Cambodian artisans.

I love the brand’s rare creations and the fact that the site breaks down the impact I make each time I buy a piece of their clothing. The site shows how much water I have saved and toxic gas emissions and pesticides avoided. Check them out and enjoy an incredible shopping experience while discovering some hand-made artisanal sustainable clothing for any budget and any taste.

21. Warp

If you are looking for affordable denim for the entire family, this is the brand you need to check out. Family-owned Warp Weft has been at the top of the organic denim business for over 30 years.

Ever-inclusive, the collection includes sizes from 00–24, as well as various shades of nude. Warp also has a wide range of affordable maternity clothing.

The brand also recycles 98 per cent of the water it uses, ultimately saving over 572.4 million gallons since launching in 2017. With jeans and undies for every size and body shape, Warp Weft’s products are naturally breathable and 50 per cent more absorbent than cotton.

I like their ultra-soft and ultra-stretchy underwear line as it keeps shape even after several washes.

22. Allbirds

Allbirds stellar marketing campaigns have taken everyone by storm over the past few years and helped bring affordable, sustainable clothing mainstream. Based in San Francisco, Allbirds has grown rapidly over the last five years.

Not surprisingly, the brand’s innovative and sustainable sneakers are lightweight, breathable, and soft to touch. As the name suggests, the brand’s sustainable trainers are made out of dual-faced wool, making them itch-free and dirt-resistant. I find them very easy to maintain, and in the worst-case scenario, they’re machine-washable.

What’s more, the range of colours and the sleek, somewhat elegant look makes them easy to style with all kinds of outfits! Moreover, the brand has expanded from unisex sneakers has since expanded to socks and even underwear made from cruelty-free wool, Tencel, sugarcane, and natural castor bean.

23. Knickey

I like Knickey a lot, as the founders care about putting people’s health first. Taking note of the infections millions of women suffer from the synthetic fabrics and harmful toxins found in undies, Knickey uses only certified organic cotton. Knickey’s fairtrade cotton underwear is breathable and free from chemicals and carcinogens.

Simply put, this is an underwear brand for undies free from anything unkind to your body, be that pesticides, toxins, or synthetic fabrics. Also, the brand’s underwear is coloured with Oeko-Tex certified, non-toxic dyes. Knickey’s organic cotton underwear comes in a variety of styles to fit your preferences.

Also, you can buy starter sets to test out multiple fits before committing. The brand stocks a wide range of XXS–XL range of thongs, hipsters, bikinis, and briefs (at low-, mid-and high-rise lengths). Knickey will also happily take your garments back once they’re ready to be retired so they can be recycled safely and turned into new materials (like insulation).

Finally, when it’s time to replace your underwear, Knickey makes it easy with a recycling programme that collects and recycles discarded underwear.

24. Threads 4 Thought

If you’re looking for comfortable yet stylish and eco-friendly casual wear, Threads 4 Thought is the perfect option. The brand’s affordable sustainable clothes are designed with everyday looks in mind. Whether you’re nipping to the shop or getting a coffee with your friends, Threads 4 Thought has you covered.

The company has a wide range of sustainable activewear ideal for combining with loungewear for a fashionable gym look. I also like Threads 4 Thought as they only work with factories holding sustainable certifications in the industry and ensuring the best working conditions possible.

Above all, the brand has partnered with International Rescue Committee, so their clothes are treading lightly on this planet and help strengthen communities worldwide! Oh, do check their Leanna feather fleece tunic in Heather royal burgundy; it’s an absolute beauty.

25. Passion Lilie

Passion Lilie is a fashion brand that blends classic silhouettes with hand-woven ikat and playful block prints to create timeless pieces by design and effortless to style. The label has a limited production run to minimise textile waste and makes products by hand to reduce its climate impact.

It also uses a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton, free from toxic dyes and other eco-friendly materials that limit the number of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production. This brand also provides secure jobs, fair wages, and positive working environments to artisans in Bangalore, India. I love the brand for two main reasons:

1. Its stunning dresses, selection of tops, bottoms, and jumpsuits.

2. It does not use any animal products, but it does not state that it’s vegan.

And if you are looking for button-downs for men, their online store is a great place to start with.

26. Meundies

MeUndies is an underwear and loungewear company known for its product line for men’s and women’s underwear, sleepwear, and loungewear brand that targets Gen Z and millennial customers. The brand is committed to celebrating comfort, creativity, self-expression and is renowned for its ethos of inclusivity, body positivity, and sustainability.

The brand’s online shop (MeUndies Gives) has frequent drops of colourful and trendy prints. There, you can purchase products, either individually or through the brand’s MeUndies membership programme, which offers discounted pricing, flexible order and delivery options, and early access to the brand’s weekly product.

Overall, I find Meundies such a fun brand, full of colour and happiness! Oh, one more thing; the brand uses super soft MicroModal, sustainably harvested from Beech Trees. And, despite their name, the brand stocks not only undies but also super cute rompers, joggers, shorts, hoodies, tank tops, and even onesies you can sleep in!

27. Prana

Prana is a Californian affordable clothing brand established in 1992. Despite the low prices, the brand has a wide range of high-quality, sustainable clothing for men and women.

What attracted me to Prana was not the retail budget price, but their ethos: “We believe that we can outfit adventures with respect for the planet and its people. We can inspire next generations to thrive and stay active in their unique way by creating clothing for positive change.”

To date, Prana’s Fair Trade Certified programme has given back over $400,000 to 33,000 workers worldwide! The founder’s belief that high quality, durability, and versatility play a massive role in sustainable clothing explains their choice to walk an ethical path. Moreover, as they believe in plastic-free packaging, you don’t have to worry about creating unnecessary plastic waste.

Check out their Sky Canyon jogger, made from their iconic Stretch Zion performance fabric!

28. Tamga

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Here’s one of the cheapest sustainable clothing brands right now. Designed for women who lead a colourful life and need the outfit to match it, Tamga’s pieces are designed to make a statement in bold prints and flattering silhouettes.

The brand’s boho-chic collection includes ethically made dresses, tops, skirts, jumpsuits, pants, kimonos, and everyday accessories. I fell in love with their hand-drawn signature prints brought to life using GOTS-certified eco dyes on our sustainable botanic fabrics.

Whenever I wear Tamga’s flowy garments, I felt like a gypsy queen set to impact the environment positively. I recommend Tamga’s beach kimonos, maxi dresses to enjoy drinks with the girls, or their ethical jumpsuits to a music festival. With beautiful prints and lovely fabrics, Tamga is making ethical fashion fun and cheerful.

I love how they break down how you save on resources by purchasing one of their pieces. I own several of their pieces, and I find them now, after years of wearing them, just as soft as when they arrived at the door.

29. Amour Vert

French for “green love,” Amour Vert is not an affordable clothing brand but an entire online marketplace for clothes that embrace (and care for) the environment. The company stocks highly discounted clothes from renewable fibres and materials like hemp, ethical wool, certified organic cotton and partners directly with mills to develop sustainable fabrics like Tencel Modal and Tencel Lyocell.

Ninety-seven percent of Amour Vert’s pieces are made in small batch quantities within a few miles of its San Francisco office. While some of their sustainable clothing is a little more on the pricey side (keep an eye on their special offers and sales), they do have a great collection of organic cotton tees that are more affordable.

Amour Vert’s tees range from $28-68 and come in many different colours and styles. Plus, every tee purchased results in a new tree planted, so this is your chance to look good while doing good.

30. Conscious Step

Like most sustainable clothing brands in my article, Conscious Step’s entire supply chain is also GOTS and vegan certified.

Above all, Conscious Step’s organic cotton is never treated with herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and is not genetically modified.

With each conscious step purchase, a portion of the brand’s proceeds is donated to a charity associated with that particular product – eg, a pair of socks. And, from building homes to treating HIV, there is a cause for everyone.

31. Known Supply

Known Supply is an ethical and ecological fashion brand trying to break the cycle of poverty by providing life-changing job opportunities to women in need. With local artisans and craftsmen at its core, each of the brand’s products is hand-signed, so you know who made it.

It is a beautiful touch of luxury and personalisation, enabling the buyer to have a deeper, emotional connection with that piece of clothing. Plus, they have a page dedicated to all the makers for you to learn more about them. I adore their Cadence Overall and Wisteria Sweater Stone, check them out.

Most asked questions about affordable sustainable clothing:

Why is sustainable clothing more pricey?

Ethical and eco-friendly clothing has a reputation for being expensive. Living on a small budget and trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends can be challenging at times.

Add to the mix the eco-conscious and sustainable aspects of the fashion industry, and clothing brands and options can be pretty limited fast. We all agree that, for the sustainable fashion movement to continue to grow, first and foremost, it has to be inclusive of all budgets.

Before I answer “how can consumers on a budget find affordable eco-friendly clothing brands?” we have to look at why sustainable clothing tends to be more expensive in the first place. Sustainable fashion is typically more expensive for several good reasons.

One of the main reasons is the higher quality of materials used in garments. For example, when comparing organic cotton with conventional cotton, consumers learn that organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides. Since organic cotton uses fewer chemicals, the crop requires more up-keep.

On top of using high-quality materials, ethical brands also have to pay farmers, artisans, and employees a living wage, which has to be factored into the garment price. When shopping for ethical fashion, be aware of cheap fast fashion brands greenwashing by imitating affordable sustainable clothing brands.

Why should you avoid fast fashion brands?

Fast fashion is just what it says on the tin: fast to obtain, therefore, cheap and inexpensive to retail. Designed for only a season at best, fast fashion clothes don’t last at all, tattering and ripping after a few wears.

Compared to fast fashion, ethical and sustainable fashion, no matter how affordable they are, if genuine, are made from high quality and long-lasting materials, hence the higher price.

Moreover, slow fashion pieces are primarily designed in styles that are not season bound, allowing you to wear them for years and years, hence sporting price tags that can be a bit daunting.

However, when looking for affordable eco-conscious fashion, it’s essential to keep your eyes open to greenwashing. In recent years, large fast-fashion online resellers such as Boohoo and even H&M have come out with their own ‘conscious’ clothing lines. While these companies use eco-friendly materials for a line here and there at an affordable price, their business models are not sustainable.

Fast fashion brands have a business model that relies on consumers viewing clothes as disposable. That is because these brands need consumers to keep buying the next release to keep up with trends. However, mass production damages the environment, exploits workers, depletes resources, so take with a pinch of any sustainable claims made by fast-fashion brands.

How to find affordable sustainable fashion?

Well, the whole article above answers this question by introducing you to the 31 best affordable sustainable brands right now, in 2021. But, as a word of advice, when kickstarting a conscious wardrobe, try starting with the basics.

Simple swaps such as t-shirts and underwear are typically a more budget-friendly place to start. Another fantastic way to celebrate eco-friendly fashion on a budget is by shopping second-hand or hosting clothing swaps.

However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, most local thrift stores are closed, so this is not a viable option right now.

This article has not been edited by Fibre2Fashion staff and is re-published with permission from