Sleep-an important factor of one's life, should be uninterrupted and sound. Among the plethora of mattresses available in the market, an ortho-foam mattress can come in handy for sleep deprived people and those with orthopedic conditions.

The prevailing COVID-19 pandemic has indisputably contributed to increased stress levels, making it challenging for people to unwind and relax. The resulting challenges of Covid such as the lack of critical resources including hospital beds, medicines, oxygen, and now vaccines, and the increased unemployment rate in the first two weeks of April 2021 - is a clear indication that the pandemic is doing a lot more harm than just our physical and mental health. According to reports, India is deemed as one of the least active and most sleep-deprived nations globally.

Additionally, limited communication and engagement with the outside world is also impacting a person's mental health and the possibility of having sound sleep. In fact, the pandemic's impact on sleep is so high that there is even a term for it - Covid-somnia, related to sleep issues associated with the pandemic. So can we fight Covid blues and sleep disorders? The answer is yes.

The quality of your sleep depends on multitude of factors - diet, exercise, and the surface you sleep on. The latter plays a pivotal role in sleep quality, making selection of a mattress very crucial. Gone are the days when choosing the right mattress wasn't given much importance. Today, with increased awareness about mental and physical wellbeing, along with brands offering more ergonomically designed products, consumers are making more informed decisions. It is important to reconsider your mattress and choose the right one that is best suited to your body and sleeping patterns. 

Choose the best mattress from pool of options

The increased awareness amongst consumers has also given way to a plethora of options available, thereby making it necessary to choose the right mattress. In addition to old people even millennials today are encountering various kinds of aches and pains in the body like spinal pain, neck pain, or overall body pain. So choosing the right mattress would go a long way in alleviating these issues and facilitating a healthier sleep cycle.

The popular choices in the mattress market are cotton, spring, foam, coir, latex, and ortho foam mattresses. Though every mattress has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, most mattresses are not suitable for every body type. For example, a pure foam mattress is extremely soft and offers a fluffy, cloud-like sensation. However, due to extreme softness, it also causes a sinking feeling, resulting in an almost negligible amount of back support. Foam mattresses are comfortable to sleep in for kids and youngsters, but it doesn't offer adequate support for certain types of sleepers. In the case of spring mattresses, though it is affordable and provides sufficient back support, it wears out quickly, resulting in spring noise and declining relief on the pressure points.

Similarly, synthetic latex mattresses can also prove excellent in terms of pain relief. But with time, the latex starts releasing unpleasant chemical smells. Usually, coir mattresses are considered a relatively reasonable and better alternative for pain relief and back support, but because of its natural compressed coconut husk layer, it starts losing its shape with time. In addition, after increased usage, coir mattresses can also get uncomfortable and lose their primary function to provide adequate back support.

A one-of-a-kind solution to the aforementioned problems is an orthopedic foam mattress. Like regular foam mattresses, ortho-foam mattresses are also soft and comfortable, but the surface won't sink or curve and will provide firm support to your spine. This helps in relieving back pain and having peaceful sleep. In fact, even doctors suggest orthopedic mattresses to provide firm support to the body after surgery or similar medical issues.

Hence, opting for a mattress that is conducive to good sleep is necessary to tackle Covid-somnia and keep sleep disorders at bay. The recommended number of hours for sound sleep to stay healthy is 7-8 hours. That's where ortho foam mattresses come into the picture. A good ortho foam mattress can work wonders.

Specially designed for people with orthopedic conditions such as backache, joint pain, muscle issues, and arthritis, ortho foam mattresses are made to ensure that the user does not sleep in strange and uncomfortable situations and can bid a cheerful goodbye to stress, pain, and restless sleep routines. In fact, even for those who sleep longer than usual, ortho foam mattresses ensure there are no bed sores or backaches, and leave the person feeling refreshed when they wake up. With such undisturbed sleep, ortho foam mattresses have a direct, positive impact on one's immunity, concentration, and behaviour.

Final word

Remember to choose the right ortho foam mattress that best suits your body and sleeping positions/patterns to ward off pesky body pains, stiff neck, and a half-baked sleep routine. Long-lasting and convenient, ortho foam mattresses come with a variety of options including memory foam, natural fillings, etc, and facilitate sound sleep, allowing you to stay healthy, tackle Covid blues, and wake up refreshed every day. As Dalai Lama once said, "Sleep is the best form of meditation."