You don’t have to be a millionaire to look rich

Wondering how some people always have that wealthy, rich, millionaire look? We all have this kind of friends, turning heads around as they walk down the street, leaving trails of expensive perfume. Their nails are always manicured, sunglasses on the head, wearing jewellery with diamond studs – small enough to be authentic but large enough to get noticed.

Well, there’s more knowledge in style than money, and in this article, I’ll show you how you too can look rich or as a millionaire, with no cost at all. This is also an article for the wealthy ones, as matter how much money you have, you can still learn how to class up your look a little.

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In this article, I’ll teach you how to look rich, even if you’re on a tight budget. I’ll pack 18 best tips for dressing like a lottery winner, in no time at all. I’ll show you how to dress like you’ve got more money than you know what to do with. I’ll pack in great grooming tips and how to select clothes that make you look classy and sophisticated. You’ll also learn how to carry yourself, and what to do to create that image of wealth and rich!

Without further ado, here’s how to look rich on a tight budget…

1. Avoid logos and remove all tags from your clothes

Luxury and high-end designer brands never place large crest and logos on their clothes. Why? The best brands in the world have unique styles that separate them from other labels. Those unique styles and cuts can ‘speak’ to their affluent buyers that know how to recognise them.

Big logos make outfits look cheap … and that’s not the way to go if you want to look rich. Showing logos as a sign of reputation makes you look like you’re trying too hard and therefore reeks of desperation. No expensive outfit or designer clothes feature large logos, crests, at least not prominently.

If you want to look like you’ve got a fat bank account, don’t make yourself a walking billboard for brand names. Go for clean clothes with silent logos; go for sophisticated coats you can match with a logo-free handbag.

Most trendy brands such as Coach, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci have prominently placed emblems on their clothes and shoes. But, even though these might be expensive brands, logos are never a sign of wealth. More luxurious brands above these brands do not have logos, and wealthy people only wear those.

Avoid putting brands on display; a purse covered in logos is nothing you want to be seen carrying. Above all, aim for a wardrobe of beautiful form-fitting clothes of mysterious origin, rather than a wardrobe with one expensive Coach bag, and the rest Primark or Zara. 

2. Tailor your clothes to fit your body

Wealthy and affluent people wear fitted clothes. In most cases, wearing outfits that are too big or too small reflects poor taste or lack of resources. The cheapest way is to get a tailor to modify your outfits and ensure the clothing is shaped to fit you perfectly.

Why? Fitted clothes and classic pieces are a sign of taste, class, and wealth. If you do not have a tailor already, ensure you get one based on reviews or referrals. Your tailor would have your measurements, and after a few trials, would eventually get your proper measures; you can work with that, and you’ll be fine.

The most obvious sign of wealth isn’t bling, specific brands, fabric, or a particular style—it’s tailored clothes. If you want to look rich, you need to make sure your clothes fit like they were made for your body. Clothes need to fit your form and flatter your figure, whether you’re talking about casual or formal wear.

Now, if you can’t afford a trip to a tailor, bear this in mind. Most department store clothing is variable because of the way the fabric is machine cut. Two pairs of pants labelled the same size are often different in length or width. Try on at least three pairs of your size to find the one that fits you best. Even if you like a shirt, skirt, or a pair of pants, never buy them unless it fits your body to perfection.

3. Quality Over Quantity! Fewer quality pieces over lots of cheap clothes

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I get that you’re getting dressed within a budget, fine and good! But being on a budget is never an excuse for buying low-quality clothing. In all honesty, I’d prefer 4-5 quality clothes to a complete wardrobe of tasteless and crappy outfits.

First, never buy too many clothes at once. Then, don’t be lured into buying special offers and discounted low-quality outfits. Keep your money and only get the most fitting ones, from natural and sustainable textiles that will last.

Also, I think this should be common knowledge, never buy clothes to keep up with the trends. Trends come and go, and the clothes you’ve filled your wardrobe with will quickly become useless. Your wardrobe should hold tailored, versatile, and classic enough pieces that won’t go out of style any time soon.

It’s worth saving money for a great pair of jeans that fit you perfectly and versatile enough to mix with other clothes in your wardrobe. A pair of well-fitting black jeans must be a good investment for the office, clubbing, and a day in the park.

Also, you want to splurge on a nice bag, make sure it’s a versatile colour, that it’s big enough to suit your needs, and that it’s a style that you like. 

4. Know your clothes/fabrics

In simple terms, there are two different kinds of fabrics: natural fabrics and synthetic ones. Each fabric has a unique type of maintenance, usage, and, most importantly, styling rules. Knowing your fabrics gives you an idea about how to dress and what to match.

Polyester, nylon, and rayon – all artificial fibre – won’t hang properly on your body like natural wool or cotton fabrics. Moreover, mixing these fabrics can often result in stylistic disasters. Ideally, fabrics should be all-natural, from sustainable clothing designers.

Look at the tags of your clothes and only mix cotton, cashmere, silk, linen, and wool. Any kind of synthetic blend mixes only with synthetics. Try to imagine, “how would I look wearing a wool jacket on an Adidas tracksuit?!”

5. Take dress-up and style classes

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If you’re just playing at looking wealthy, you want to look like you’ve got somewhere important to be. A board meeting? An exclusive dance club? A yacht club? A red carpet? Every day should be an excuse to dress up and look rich.

But for that, you should know how to create each unique style you can wear on each special occasion – for example, what to wear to a casino. Learn the most popular timeless pieces, most expensive designer clothes, expensive brands, and quality fabrics, so you know what to talk about.

Learn how to wear a black dress, a dinner jacket, a suit, a well-tailored pair of pants, or even a button-down shirt.  Learn how to wear and match coats, cardigans in pastel colours, pressed cotton shirts, form-fitting slacks, and slim-fitting jackets. Learn how to match tailored pieces, white button skirts, dresses, and pumps if you’re going for that “classic style look.

Or, see how you can rock a trendy pair of designer jeans, a scarf, and a printed tee, to look chic like a movie star. And, don’t worry about spending a penny on how to dress like a rich person. There are plenty for free online; all you need is the willingness to learn.

6. Pair and match some discreet bling

Jewellery can be a trap, and here’s why: too little jewellery cries out “rich,” while too many of them cry out “poseur.” Think Jay-Z more so than Trinidad James and Queen Elizabeth more than Snooki. A few well-placed pieces of stylish jewellery can give your overall look further rich elegance.

If you can’t afford the real thing, keep it classic with some statement pieces. Instead of a genuine Cartier “Tank” watch, get the cheapest and simplest unbranded watch, and match with a posh leather band.

Remember that as fake pearls are tough to identify, these are much safer than a faux diamond necklace. Talking about blings, accessories always help to look rich, as you’ll see below. 

7. Wear tasteful and unusual accessories

Accessories are the primary ingredients of your outfit. With poor accessories, you stand the risk of looking bland and average. After taking your time to pick your outfits, ensure you get unique accessories to match them.

Your necklace, bracelets, and rings should signal the type of wealth you want to reflect. An authentic designer bag or wallet is nice – but go for something that’s a bit bland or obsolete. Sporting the latest fashion bag shows you’re following the newest trend, which is anathema to the old money crowd.

The LL Bean Boat & Tote or a classic black quilted Chanel-looking like accessories are good options. Nothing avant-garde and nothing that looks like the Balenciaga or Chloe Paddington. However, if you’re impersonating the nouveau riche, looking and wearing trendy accessories becomes mandatory.

In that case, you can rent designer accessories from places like Le Tote, Leading Luxury, or Rent the Runway to save some money while appearing super-rich. 

8. Take care of your clothes: Polished always looks expensive

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Taking care of your clothes regularly is one of the best ways to look rich. Messy will never equal ‘wealthy’ at first glance, so keep things polished with clean lines, polished accessories, and neat hair and makeup. Wash your clothes according to the directions included, always, and air-dry them to retain the items’ lives.

Dry-clean delicate fabrics and press your clothes before wearing them. However, be aware that the more you wash certain items, the faster they ‘age’. Press your clothes and fold them neatly between wearings, so you won’t need to wash them more frequently. Coats of wool, velvet, and silk need to be dry-cleaned.

Any piece of clothing made of cotton and cashmere can be washed fine at home. Iron your clothes carefully and systematically with the right temperature. Crisp and neatly iron shirts and trousers send a signal of wealth and elegance.

You can never look wealthy in crumpled and rough shirts. Wash your clothes with detergents that’ll ensure that the colours aren’t washed away.

These things are vital to your goal of how to look rich. Also, shoes are essential – invest in shoe-shining kits. There’s no excuse for leaving your home with dirty shoes. Speaking of shoes… 

9. Shoes are critical to creating that rich person look

Leather shoes, bags, and purses create an aura of wealth around you. You can’t look rich walking around with a pair of dusty and cheap shoes. As they say: “a good pair of shoes make the outfit,” … so it’s a good practice to spend a little extra attention on your shoes when you put your ‘rich look’ together.

Acquire at least one pair of really decent well-made shoes. For men, some very conservative and understated oxfords or loafers are a good idea. Higher-ankle Beatle boots can also be stylish and appear expensive. Leather is key. For women, a conservative pump, like the classic Chanel, would be a good choice.

If you can’t afford classic brands, start with a minimalist leather tote paired with simple ballet flats or loafers. Make sure you keep your shoes and heels shiny clean at all times. Take them off when you’re indoors and polish them regularly to keep them looking out-of-the-box. Keep the box and store them inside it. If nothing else, invest in your shoes and bag. 

10. Get serious about your skincare

This tip is probably the most obvious one, but also most important of all. I know people with money, trying to look rich, failing miserably at the personal cleanliness chapter. You can buy all perfumes and makeup products globally, but one thing is sure, it won’t cover bad smells or fix unhealthy skin.

Rich people are often concerned about their skin and would pay any amount to buy the latest skincare products or visit a dermatologist. However, skincare doesn’t have to be that expensive.

You can naturally get rid of wrinkled skin by ending destructive habits and adopting new healthier ones such as quitting smoking and drinking. Remember, your skin is often a reflection of your internal health. The healthier you are, the more radiant you will become, and good skin projects you, indirectly, as decadent.

11. Get your hair styled every 2-3 weeks at least

When you’re strapped for cash, paying for a haircut is one of the first things that goes out of the window. Get good-quality haircuts from a beautician or barber you trust, about 1-2 times a month. Get rid of those split ends and keep your style current and flattering to your face.

Men should have precise haircuts and well-shaven facial hair. Beards or moustaches should be trimmed finely and precisely to a razor-like edge. Women should have tasteful and trendy cuts, natural colours, and healthy hair.

Hair colour should look natural, and highlights and lowlights must be natural as if obtained on a visit to the beach house. Learn to cut your hair if you want to save some expense. Having a cool hairstyle is a typical mannerism of rich people.

Your hair shouldn’t look rough or messy. You’re never going to look cool or rich if you’re always looking unkempt and scattered. Moving around with messy hair shows that you don’t care about your physical health and would put people off at first sight. For most people, the hair is the yardstick for judgment. Get a good haircut, make a beautiful hairstyle, and you’ll be fine.

12. Take care of your nails

Manicures don’t have to cost a lot of money to make a big difference in your appearance. Clean your nails regularly and get manicures at inexpensive nail salons. Short tips can be classy and rich-looking, but longer nails tend to look a little cheaper and faker.

Go for an essential French tip for the perfect look. Men should also invest in manicures regularly to keep their nails and cuticles in good shape. Taking the time to trip nails and keep them strong and healthy is a sign of money. Learn to clean your nails yourself and trim your cuticles to save.

13. Fix your teeth/Use whitening toothpaste

Dental care is expensive – the more you take care of your teeth, the brighter they are, and the wealthier you’ll look. Make your smile look like a couple of million bucks. White teeth aren’t necessarily signs of healthy teeth, but they always look better than stained or yellow ones.

Avoid drinking too much coffee and tea, and tobacco products, to keep your teeth as white as possible. A white, sparkling set of teeth reflects neatness and excellent self-care, significant signs of wealth. In the United States, one of the most incredible giveaways that someone is poor is their teeth.

The least you can do is go to a dentist and get a quote for a price on fixing a problem. Once you know, you can make it a goal and save towards the procedure. Rich people will pay to have a perfect set of teeth.

If you’re going to look anything like them, you have to put in efforts too. Floss every day, use non-alcoholic mouthwash to keep your breath fresh, and brush daily using toothpaste with whitening properties.

14. Learn to apply makeup like a pro

Here’s another tip that will make you look super-rich. Learn how to make up best to match your clothes, accessories, and event you’re going to attend. No money is required; there are plenty of free makeup tutorials on youtube.

All you need is a cheap organic makeup set and a willingness to learn. Remember that a wealthy woman’s makeup looks natural, based on neutral colours and gentle foundation. No over-the-top cat eye-liner or false lashes – keep it natural and tasteful.

Natural skin colour looks healthier and wealthier, so to avoid sunspots and sunburns, keep using sunscreen.

15. Smell like big money: Wear a signature perfume

If you want to look rich, then you have to smell nice. Your smell tells a lot about a person, where they live, what they do. Getting a signature perfume or cologne that commands an elegant personality is key to being perceived as rich.

Men and women should wear a small amount of a subtle and sophisticated scent. Woodsy, floral scents are always classy, while sugary scents tend to scream out “young” or “bought at the mall.”

You don’t usually have to break the bank to buy good perfumes that smell expensive, although the high-end perfumes are pretty pricey. Wait for deals at your favourite department stores and save up for something that smells good to you.

Generally, you want to avoid super-new celebrity-endorsed fragrances. Men should wear cologne on the inner wrist, chest, and underneath the jawline. Women should wear perfumes on the inner wrist, inner elbows, underneath the jawline, behind the ears, and at the back of the neck.

16. Become cultured/Learn basic etiquette

Rich people talk about ideas rather than other people or events, so bear that in mind. Rich people are very stylish and cultured about what and how they talk. They have proper table manners that add to their overall image of wealth.

YouTube has unique educational content on what to talk about; feast your eyes on those videos from time to time. But, if you want to look like you’ve got a lot of money, you need to practice good manners at all times. Even when you’re waiting in line at the M&S, you must remain elegant in behaviour.

Eat more slowly and chew with your mouth closed. Take your time and enjoy your food instead of wolfing it down. Stay calm and avoid raising your voice when you’re upset. Learn to speak calmly and evenly, even if someone is pushing your buttons.

Stand up straight and hold your chin up. Excellent posture, both when sitting or standing, are signs of wealth.

17. Act rich online

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Especially now, in the digital era, richness extends to your online presence. You’ll notice rich people take pictures from various lit events and “garnish” their Instagram pages with photos of beautiful sceneries. Want to have a rich aura? Try doing that.

Instead of seeing your Instagram as a platform for showing off how attractive you are, try to think about how you could turn it into a storybook about your life. Even if you can’t afford to fly to far-off destinations, there may be cool things to do in your area that you haven’t discovered yet.

Put up pictures of exotic brands and locations, as if you were buying them or heading there on your next vacation, even if you’re not. Now there are some things to avoid at all costs, online: Do not complain about the service at a posh restaurant; only poseurs do:

“This restaurant is The Worst. I mean, how hard is it to get a savoury watermelon gazpacho right?” Don’t show false humility or embrace the humblebrag: “Today has been tough. The to-go cups at the new coffee place don’t fit the cup holders in my Mercedes, so I had to drink my latte too fast.”

Don’t show off on Instagram with bags of cash, as you’ve just hit the jackpot at Lottoland!

18. Get some upper-class hobbies

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Apart from an excellent sense of style, timeless wardrobe pieces, ultimate power-play accessories, designer names, and other stealth-wealth luxury brands, rich people have hobbies. They do have lots of hobbies as they also have a lot of free time at their disposal.

While some of these activities can be kind of expensive, if you want people to think you’re rich without spending the money or participating, you can learn about following upper-class hobbies.

Don’t have to practice them, but at least you can learn about them so you can convert with other upper-class people and sound like a pro:

– Horse riding

– Golf

– Tennis

– Skiing

– Sailing

– Playing polo


And there you have it; these are the best 18 tips on how to look rich while on low funds or a tight budget.

Here is a sum up:

Always wear clean clothes, freshly pressed, with no threads, rips, stains, or fading.

Black, white, navy are always elegant colours that can make you look more expensive.

Match your outfit with some assorted accessories such as a couple of bracelets and a pair of sunglasses for that extra visual effect.

Put it all together with natural-looking basics such as a bit of mascara, a neutral shade of lipstick (or gloss), and just a hint of blush. People associate money with success; many people believe that to look rich, you have to be rich.

But then, over and again, I have met people who aren’t rich (yet), but they never failed looking wealthy AF. Life is a runway of experience; in the hassle of keeping up with the several shows, it can be pretty demanding to look your best, acquire a luxurious appearance with the constant financial threads or get the proper directives on how to look rich.

Many of us want to look rich and classy on a budget, but we often do not know how to acquire that. With hope these 18 tips on looking rich and dressed like a millionaire on a budget have helped, don’t forget to leave your recommendations below so others can benefit from your expertise.

To recap, you don’t have to break the bank to look like a million bucks. As you can see, there are so many ways you can style yourself to make you look classy, expensive, glamorous, and rich.

This article has not been edited by Fibre2Fashion staff and is re-published with permission from