A strategic alliance between brands, manufacturers and recyclers to support circular economy in India.

India is the world’s fifth-largest exporter of textiles and apparel with a massive raw material and manufacturing base. The textiles industry is a significant contributor to the economy, both in terms of its domestic share and exports. The sector is one of the largest job creators in the country, employing more than 45 million people, and is expected to grow up to $255 billion by 2025.

However, since the COVID-19 pandemic impacted life and businesses the world over, the concern for sustainability has risen multifold, which makes it pertinent to move towards environment-friendly manufacturing.

The Circularity Programme of Usha Yarns is aimed at connecting mills to garment manufacturers to move waste from garment factories to their recycling facility with full traceability and get back recycled material ready for new garment production. The aim is to cut lead time and ensure that garment waste is not treated like waste. Thus, the waste is reclaimed into new coloured yarn with no dyeing, which is acceptable by fashion brands to make fresh garments.

India-based Usha Yarns is a leading manufacturer of high-quality recycled knitting yarns from recycled materials. Known for offering traceability, colour consistency, blend consistency and chemical compliance, the yarns are largely used by garment industry for making products for several international brands.

The Circularity Programme helps brands to close the loop in textile manufacturing, as it helps them declare their garment waste, handle it responsibly, and ensure its recycling.