“Awareness is all about restoring the freedom to choose what is right instead of what the past imposes on us.”

In our attempt to integrate sustainability into each of our processes, we have undertaken several initiatives that will lead us to a greener tomorrow. ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) is one such initiative under which we are bringing together all forms of sustainability to life by ensuring zero discharge of hazardous chemicals. This initiative not just helps us maintain the ecological balance but enables us to keep our resources clean for a safe future. We are also proud to add that we have reached the top tier of ZDHC with Level 3 MRSL V2.0 certification.

“When it comes to restoring ecosystem, we at Rossari Textile Specialty Chemicals Division take our efforts above and beyond. Right from providing advanced green solutions to reversing the impact on the environment, we have always taken the pole position in bringing the change in the textile industry. “Hence, we are proud to share yet another great achievement of the Rossari family as we have scored the ZDHC Level 3 certification,” said Sunil Chari, managing director and co-founder who drives the growth of Rossari Biotech Limited. “With this new achievement, we are now getting a step closer to the awareness and implementation of sustainability. Furthermore, we aim to lead the roadmap of a safer future and environmentally responsible value chain,” he added. Being a pioneering investor in sustainable activities, Rossari has been working collaboratively to demonstrate the agility and using catalytic ancillary materials. By identifying environmental innovations, the company has observed the world through the lens of sustainable pursuits. Backed by its committed process driven approach, the company is making efforts to curtail untreated hazardous discharge, and ensure that it is safe for the planet. This commitment of producing safer chemicals has accelerated its chances of achieving preventive goals, and the company is ranked at the highest levels in majority of green listings. Since its inception 2 decades ago, Rossari has scaled up its technologies to reduce waste and boost the circularity of safe outflow across the value chain.

Rossari Biotech Limited

With an aim to minimise the ecological footprint of manufacturing while maximising customer benefits, we are amongst India’s leading textile and specialty chemical manufacturers based on sales of fiscal 2019 with nearly two decades history of innovative, agile, and rapid growth. We provide customised solutions to industrial and production requirements of our customers through our diversified product portfolio. Building upon our expertise from textiles, we have successfully diversified into the animal health and nutrition, home, personal care and performance chemicals markets.