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Seeing the big picture this month – daily food AND fitness thanks to Jenn! <3 

Breakfast: Coffee & super thick peanut butter cookie dough oats (extra yogurt, less milk)

Snacks & Lunch: Almonds in the morning, leftover veggie pasta from The Italian Oven for lunch, mini pretzels & hummus as I made dinner

Dinner: I had to make this Oh She Glows meal as soon as Angela posted it on Monday – brown rice cooked in coconut milk (I added toasted almonds instead of coconut flakes since Adam’s not a big fan) and tofu for me, chicken for the carivore, and glazed carrots inspired by Gina’s post (but with honey instead of brown sugar since I love our Polish honey).

And I totally cheated and used jarred salsa – TJ’s was out of pineapple, so I bought the peach instead.  The flavors were great!

These frozen chicken strips looked absolutely awful, but Adam said they were okay.  Quick and easy as a last resort!

Workout: 75 minutes of hot yoga – and I didn’t get dizzy this time, yay!  I wore a workout skirt (it has pink shorts underneath), and a few people gave me a funny look when I walked in.  Mind your own business people, there are shorts under there!  ;)

You can’t tell in the photo, but I was soaked in sweat – such a tough workout.  The instructor made us hold frog pose for at least 5 minutes.  Ugh, hello tight hips.

Surprise!  When I came home from yoga, we had a new family member on the dining room table!

Meet Rosey!  Adam and I are hoping to get a dog eventually (when I get to work from home), but a fish will do for now.  Nevermind the $200 vase (bridal shower gift) that he turned in to a fish bowl… sigh.

Speaking of dogs, my perfect pup turns 5 today – I hope I have time later to see Bella! 


I used to buy her a new Coach collar every year on her birthday, but they stopped making them.  Maybe we’ll need to upgrade to Gucci or Louis instead.

Workout skirts, yay or nay?  Fish or dogs? ;)

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