Two weeks ago, the baking bug hit me hard, followed by banana bread and other sweets.  Sometimes, your body just wants some wholesome food to balance out those sweet treats.

I had intended on recreating my roasted vegetables with kale and farro recipe, but TJ’s didn’t have farro (I picked up red quinoa instead), and my vegetable selection was kind of random.  But it worked beautifully.

I started with some sautéed kale and tofu (for protein).  It’s the first time I’m used this savory tofu from Trader Joe’s, and it was convenient to not have to press and marinate it myself.

Then I layered in some of the quinoa -

Next was a portion of the roasted veggies – I used red, green, and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, sweet potatoes, and broccoli (roasted with olive oil at 425 for 30 minutes):

All topped with some Mmm Sauce, with mustard instead of curry (just not my style).

Veggie and protein filled perfection.  Perfect for nights when Adam isn’t home, and for lunches.

It took some time and effort to make the different components of this meal, but it made leftovers simple.

What’s your go-to “clean eating” meal?

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