Lighten Up – Chilled Roasted Tomato Gazpacho with Avocado Cream

I’ve been in the mood for gazpacho.  As you know I’m obsessed with cold eats recently.  My uncle made one that he shared a few weeks ago and it was just a bit on the thin side… his included lots of onion and even breadcrumbs.  I wanted to make a cold, tomato based soup, so I went looking at one of my favorite blogs, Sprint 2 The Table, but Lauren only had a tomatillo recipe.  However, she suggested one from Running With Tweezers.  It called for roasting tomatoes, so I of course took the lazy way out a short cut.


I enjoyed all of the other veggies mixed in my uncle’s version, so I also consulted this recipe.  I probably didn’t need both cans of tomatoes.  I added garlic, cucumber, salt, hot pepper sauce, and celery salt.


One of the most appealing parts of the chilled tomato soup recipe was the green goddess whipped cream.  I also had half an avocado threatening to go bad, so I whipped that with some 0% greek yogurt and basil.


Simple, decadent, and fresh.


Nowhere nearly as beautiful as these photos, but the soup tasted pretty good.


Inspired by the blue cheese crumbles (but out of blue cheese), I topped my bowl with some feta.


I’m not including my version because honestly, it wasn’t what I was hoping for.    I really enjoyed the basil/avocado cream, but the sauce was too pizza-saucy.  I think adding some vegetable or chicken stock and thinning it out would help.  But it conquered my craving for gazpacho. 

What makes it lightened up?  The canned roasted tomatoes add some sodium, but no fat (like oil called for in the recipe).  The greek yogurt is definitely lighter than the whipping cream used for the greek goddess topping. 

Also made a great afternoon snack to take to work the next day!


Check out these fantastic recipes & tell me if you have one of your own that you use:

From Running With Tweezers: Chilled Tomato Soup & Roasted Tomato Gazpacho

I leave for New York City bright and early tomorrow morning for a weekend with my girlfriends!  So excited!  It will be incredibly hot so we’re planning for lots of shopping and eating.  Since Katie and Chelsey and Tina have all been there recently I’ve been snooping their blogs and adding even MORE restaurants to my hit list. 

It’s going to be an indulgent weekend!  <3

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