Long Weekend Recap

My baby brother is all grown up – he had his senior prom on Friday!

The photo-resizing and his height make me look like a midget.  I’m 5’4.75″, I swear. ;)

His date’s dress was so cool – the bottom was covered in millions of tiny rhinestones that were SO sparkly in the sunshine!

A bunch of the couples at my parents’ house:

I want to go to prom again.  I know so many people who say college was their best 4 years, but I loved high school.

Is it just me, or is anyone else suprised at the princess/blingy style of the gowns these days?  We wore long, form fitting evening dresses back in my day (2003).  And now they do short dresses for homecoming – we always wore long dresses!

Saturday morning I finally got to catch up with one of my best girlfriends – we hit brunch at Doublewide Grill (which I’ve blogged about before for dinner).

Since it was 90 degrees and Doublewide doesn’t offer iced coffee, we walked down to Crazy Mocha for coffee for dessert – I chose sugar free raspberry syrup & soy milk - so refreshing!

I ran a ton of errands after brunch, including a stop at Marshalls, where I found this delicious granola for only $3.99:

And the liquor store finally had Skinnygirl cocktails in stock – I bought both the Pina Colada and Cosmo varieties and tried one at a cookout/birthday party for my mom on Sunday.

Not the greatest – it had a weak flavor and tasted slightly off – at only 9% alcohol by volume I didn’t feel too guilty adding a little extra coconut rum. ;)

I helped my mom finish the fruit for the party – idea stolen from the tea party bridal shower.

I brought healthy guacamole (similar to my guacahummus), which was a hit – and no one knew there were beans involved.

Since I don’t partake in the burgers/hot dogs at a barbeque, the desserts were the main part of my meal:

My aunt’s whoopie pies / chocolate gobs:

Almond torte “birthday cake”:

 And a coconut/orange/pineapple trifle from my neighbor:

Sugar hangover guarenteed. :)

High school or college?  What was the best dessert you had this weekend?

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