Marvelous Things on a Monday

Hi all!  After an exhausting, stressful workday all I could think about was watching Downton Abbey from last night – and if you watch the show, O. M. G.

Let’s focus on some happy, positive, marvelous things from today and this past weekend. :)  Love this optimistic link up thanks to Katie!


My new favorite breakfast, this time topped with defrosted frozen strawberries, smashed up with greek yogurt.

photo 1-2

Warm Sugar Cookie flavored tea for a chilly Saturday afternoon.

photo 2-2

A batch of white chocolate and cherry cookies for my sweet husband (and sweet tooth).

photo 3-1

A delicious breakfast on a lazy Sunday after Church.  The egg white omelet had spinach, goat cheese, avocado, and pico de gallo.  Perfection!  A shame that the coffee was too weak.

photo 4

An intense spin class with my favorite instructor to start off the week early Monday morning!

photo 5

If you had a challenging Monday, tell me one thing that made it better!

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