Marvelous Valentine’s Day and More

I hope you all had a  marvelous weekend – and Valentine’s Day!  Link up what’s been going on with you over on hot-mama-to-be-Katie’s blog.


 It’s one of my favorite holidays – I’m a sucker for romance and chocolate.  These beautiful flowers greeted me when I returned from St. Augustine – I’d choose any day flowers over V-day flowers anytime.  :)

photo 3-4

I randomly came across a Facebook post about Biscoff giving away cases of their famous spread – and I was one of the lucky first few thousand to enter and received an 8-pack in the mail this week.  That should have been enough of a gift for my sugar-loving husband, right?  Remember last year when he made me a cake?  I don’t think he’s touched the oven since then.

photo 3-3

Last Monday, I created a low calorie mini chocolate cheesecake recipe to celebrate, and had to eat way too many while testing.  A perk of blogging for work!

photo 1-3

We celebrated Fat Tuesday with dinner at a latin restaurant and big cups of frozen yogurt.  I get so excited to take photos of my treats, but really, don’t all frozen yogurt  photos pretty much look the same?  I don’t care, it was delicious.

photo 2-3

Mine: caramel, cake batter, and red velvet with sprinkles and Oreo and caramel and whipped cream – Adams: lame cookies and cream and cake batter with gummy bears.  Valentine’s Day morning, Lexi and I woke up early, put on our Valentine’s Day best, and went on a 5:45 AM donut run.  Yawn.

photo 4-3

photo 2-4

Adam had to work until 9pm, but I was lucky enough to have dinner with my parents and my Nana, who would have been celebrating her 71st wedding anniversary with my grandfather that day – I love that they got married on February 14th.

I got some beautiful cards, and chocolate covered caramel corn from Adam AND my parents – two different kinds.  I’ve been kind of sugar overloaded recently – can you tell?

Just so I don’t lose my RD license, here’s a photo of some veggies:

photo 3-2

;)  Have a MARVELOUS Monday!

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