Good evening – I hope I’m not too late for the weekly WIAW link up!  Jenn’s party is out of control! :)



My favorite pancake recipe, using chickpea/garbanzo bean flour since I was out of peanut flour – and it worked really well!  Definitely good to know if you don’t want that peanut flavor – I’m sure almost any flour would work.  Topped with almond butter and syrup.

Lunch: Two parts!


2% mixed berry flavored Mueller yogurt – I had a coupon from the company to try them, and it was delicious!  2% tastes so much more indulgent than 0% – worth the few extra calories once in a while!


The last of my roasted veggies for the week with spinach, hummus, and Mmm sauce on a whole wheat tortilla.  It was one of those TJ’s 40 calorie tortillas, and I ALWAYS over stuff them.  I’m a chronic over-stuffer when it comes to wraps, quesadillas, burritos… are there meetings for people like me?



Mother-in-law’s Babka that she sent over last weekend – although I think it’s an Easter thing traditionally, it had no chance of lasting that long in our kitchen.

Also snacked on some popcorn and trail mix at my parents’ house before dinner.  I can’t stop when I’m there.


An underwhelming Mexican meal at Steel Cactus, a new(ish) place in Shadyside.

The guac was acceptable, the queso looked and tasted like Velveeta, and most of the other components were just kinda “blah”.


The strips of Mahi in my fish tacos (grilled, which I was happy about) resembled those creepy chicken strips that you find in really processed foods – you know, chewy, with the fake grill marks?  The texture and shape just were not what I was expecting.  The salsa was okay, and the black beans didn’t disappoint, but the rice was pretty bland, too.  Maybe I’m over Mexican?


Adam chose the carne asada tacos, and the flour tortillas were itty-bitty!  If we go back, I’d pick them over the corn!

Steel Cactus - Mexican Restaurant & Cantina on Urbanspoon


Pretzels & cookie butter – sweet and salty at its finest.  It’s embarrassing just how many of these jars we’ve gone through.

photo 4

Friends – ANYONE out there obsessed with Mad Men?  We recently finished up season 5 and I don’t think I’ll survive until April 7th without my Don Draper fix!  Check out this tumblr, this article, and OMG this YouTube video (if you’re caught up with season 5!) – thanks Mom!  xox

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