Miscellaneous Monday

Good evening!  Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger recently.  I still haven’t caught up from the weekend.  But forgive me, it’s my birthday week – not really until Thursday, but I’m starting the celebration early.

1.  Birthday drink at Starbucks after a 3 mile run to kick off my day!  I ordered the biggest size they have (I think it’s a Trenta now?!) and will get 3 mornings’ worth of coffee from it.  Love freebies!

2.  Ate an entire head of kale (in 2 sittings) this weekend.  I used the traditional sunshine salad dressing from MP’s recipe but added gouda and a chopped apple.  Why don’t I buy kale more often?! 

3.  Best smoothie of the summer: cottage cheese, frozen cherries, vanilla almond milk.  Consistency of a milkshake. 

4. Saw these all over the @TraderJoesList on Twitter last week, and everyone was right.  Delicious, crunchy, and more than 30 in a serving.  The bag didn’t last 24 hours (yes, I shared).

5.  Found these at a Kroger at the beach two weeks ago (the same day that Love Grown was on sale) and I’m in love.  Enjoyed some on an apple today.  Why do I waste my time with peanut butter?

6.  One pot mac and cheese was the only from scratch dinner I made last week.  And it was good.  This version: 4 cheese Italian and laughing cow cheese, mushrooms, red, yellow, and orange bell pepper, onion, chili powder, garlic, a touch of fat free ranch and buffalo sauce.  And whole grain pasta (shhh).

7.  I know I’ll win, but which fro-yo sounds better:

  • A.  Vanilla cake batter with sprinkles and caramel / raspberry with MARSHMALLOW topping, brownie dust and dark chocolate chips
  • B. Vanilla cake batter and some other lame flavor with caramel and snickers bits

Answer: A, mine, obviously.  But Adam’s bowl was 4x the size of mine.  We really like Sincerely Yogurt (I reviewed it a few months ago here) and plan to make it our first choice from now on!

8.  Got a few different flavors of these in the mail to try:

This bag was feta and herb, along with garlic/herb and cinnamon/sugar.  Great portion control, great crunch, but I definitely preferred the sweet ones to the savory.

9.  Airport food desperation during our layover last weekend:

Good, reasonably healthy, but way overpriced – over $5 for 3 tiny cookies!  They really can charge you anything once you go through security and you’re stuck there for hours before your flight leaves.

10.  The best. pizza. ever.  I mentioned this place once before but it deserves a real restaurant review – coming soon!  Have you ever seen so many veggies on a pizza?!

Tell me about some new foods you’ve tried recently!

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