Mom’s Oscar Party

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My mom and Aunt Jackie go all out for the Academy Awards.  In previous years there’s been a red carpet and guests have come in evening gowns, but this year it was all about the food – just the way I like it!  While Aunt J is in charge of desserts and checking everyone’s ballots (the winner gets to keep Oscar for the year), my mom is the hostess.  This year she came up with a themed food for all 9 movies nominated for best picture!

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It felt like a 9 course meal!  My mom even made the French onion soup with veggie broth instead of beef so I could have some – definitely one of my favorite soups.  She decorated the dining room beautifully, too.

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Have you guys tried the cranberry dark chocolate M&Ms?  Really good!  I had no idea there would be SO much food, but I brought homemade pretzels and queso, using Averie’s pretzel recipe and this one for the cheese sauce.

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Here are the desserts my aunt Jackie made – she’s going to need to do a guest post some day!

First, an oscar themed Mary Todd Lincoln cake from Beekman Boys (apparently they’re on the Cooking channel?).  Jackie made it with the optional hazelnuts and it was so moist and incredible.  The ganache was out of this world.

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She also used the ganache to top The Seaside Baker’s tagalong bars recipe (instead of plain melted chocolate chips).  These were the epitome of a perfect Tagalong cookie, and probably the best peanut butter/chocolate combination I’ve ever tasted.

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Each bite is approximately a billion calories and totally worth it.  Dense, buttery shortbread, thick, sticky peanut butter, and semisweet chocolate perfection.  They are so rich that there were a lot of leftovers – but I didn’t trust myself to bring any home.  Definitely a recipe I’ll be making in the future.

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Who wants to buy me a manicure? ;)

My mom ended up getting the most categories right (she saw almost all of the nominated films), so the Oscar will live with her until next February.

Have you ever gone to / hosted an Oscar party?

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