Another Wednesday, another day of Tuesday’s eats with Jenn!

Peas and Crayons

Not only did I do well with veggies, I packed in the fruit too! :)

Breakfast: Microwave apple peanut butter crisp (recipe still to come!):

Homemade quiche with broccoli (a small slice since it wasn’t healthified) supplemented with two egg whites (microwaved, too).

Plus a big strong cup of coffee with sugar-free vanilla & skim milk.

Lunch, at work, 12:15:

I typically only have salad for lunch once or twice a week, but it seems to fall on WIAW recap days – making it look like I’m such a great RD. ;)

I like to include fruit on salads (whether berries, apple, etc) but I didn’t have any of my usual toppings.  This random kiwi from the fridge made for a tasty topping!

Spinach, green leaf lettuce, yellow bell pepper, tomato, goat cheese and kiwi.

Husband quote of the day: “It looks like you have slugs on your salad.”  Note to self: no more melon-baller for kiwi.

On the side for protein: a slice of sweet potato lentil loaf, adapted from Laura’s recipe. 

Unpictured snacks while prepping dinner: strawberries & grapes (cutting added sugar really increases my natural sugar intake)

Dinner, 6:30 pm: Noodle free eggplant tofu ricotta lasagna

I posted the recipe last night here.

Another serving of fruit, right?

Dessert was a microwave protein muffin – ugly but satisfying – and included banana!

Total veggies for the day: 7 different kinds!  Fruit count: 4 (not including the wine)!

What were you fruit and veggie totals?  Did you at least reach 5? 

Visit the official More Matters site for ideas on incorporating more fruits and vegetables. :)

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