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Since I unplug on the weekends (aka, I don’t post or read hardly any blogs at all), sometimes I struggle to get the motivation to write on Monday.  Anyone else feel that way some times?  I’ve been in a “blogging rut”, but I think I’m getting out of it.  We’ll see.  I do (finally) have a lightened up recipe to share later this week:

Super creamy low-fat spinach artichoke dip.  This just might have been my dinner Sunday night.

This WAS a miscellaneous Monday post that I never got around to publishing yesterday… oops.  So here’s some recent food-related things, in no particular order.

I’m obsessed with these pancakes.  Consider the season’s first can of pumpkin gone.  I made them Friday, Saturday, and Monday.  So filling and a great puffy texture.

I made a version of this pasta after seeing Jenna’s amazing photos last week. 

Changes: I used whole grain noodles, an entire bag of arugula (it wasn’t going to last much longer in my fridge), and instead of fresh mozzarella I used two wedges of Laughing Cow garlic & herb cheese.  So flavorful! 

Adam’s version had regular pasta, no greens, and extra parmesan.  His & hers versions can be best sometimes. :)

Has anyone tried these bars?  I’m not usually a fan of calorie-dense bars as snacks (or even meal replacements, they never keep me full) – but this one fit in to my day as a post-run refueling snack and was so delicious that I might actually buy a box.

Ugly, right?  But it’s the first “mug cake” I’ve made that didn’t taste like scrambled eggs.  Using PB2 and stevia made it only 170-ish calories and 10 grams of protein.

My co-worker, Angela, is the queen of baklava.  And she saved me some before setting it out for the rest of the office ladies – lucky me. :)

The best I’ve ever tasted. 

Our defrosted wedding cake tasted much better than I expected!  I had forgotten that at the last minute we went with a lemon creme filling instead of raspberry.  A nice surprise. ;)

We visited my favorite place in Erie while we were there - Romolo Chocolates.  I’ve mentioned them on the blog before (actually the same day we did our wedding cake tasting!).

There are three separate shops within the building – one is the chocolate room (the first three photos) – filled with their amazing homemade chocolates, truffles, meltaways, barks, and more… the middle room is a gift shop, and the last is coffee and ice cream (last photo). 

Hi Mom and Adam!  Chocolate caramel truffle iced coffee:

Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!



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