Last week, my family took advantage of the ability to all dine out together.  We chose a place close to home, with a nice atmosphere and a history of good meals, but some less than satisfying experiences.  Andora currently has two locations, and is opening a third soon according to their website.  It’s one of the places we considered for our rehearsal dinner, but we ended up choosing a different venue.

My mother picked our appetizer, which sounded amazing on the menu:

 Zucchini ribbons rolled with three cheeses, baked with sweet pepper cream sauce 8

Luckily there were only 4 of us, because there were only 4 bite sized pieces! 

Very tasty, but very greasy too.  Definitely something I’m planning on recreating at home, with much less fat (and baked, not fried).

Although there were some pescetarian friendly dishes on the menu, none of them interested me much – most of the fishes were fried and I’m just not typically a pasta eater when I dine out.

The Andora chicken sounded amazing, and the server said the kitchen would make it for me with a baked fish instead of the chicken.  Sold!

Andora chicken [fish], fire-roasted tomatoes, artichokes, capers, banana peppers, seven pepper risotto and asparagus 18

Again the dish was tasty but heavier than expected – the description doesn’t lead you to anticipate a buttery sauce all over the dish.  The fish itself (a grouper filet) was cooked perfectly, and the risotto was amazingly delicious and creamy (but I’m not quite sure where the “seven peppers” were hiding).

My father and brother both ordered filets (which they really enjoyed but aren’t exciting to photograph or review) and my mother ordered the “flatbread of the day” as her entrée.

This was a chipolte pulled pork flat bread:

Pulled pork is one of the few things I really enjoyed as a meat eater and have yet to successfully substituted as a vegetarian.  The sauce smelled amazing!  My mother isn’t a fan of spice so she opted out of banana peppers as an additional topping.

Overall, the food at Andora is consistently delicious, kind of pricey (but usually worth it), but the service can be touch and go.  Our most recent experience was a good one, and it is definitely a place I’ll be returning to again.

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