Does anyone else experience Groupon anxiety?  It stresses me out to worry about them expiring before I get to use them! 

I was planning on using my $10 for $20 worth of tapas at Ibiza with one of my girlfriends or my mother, but no one was available as expiration day neared.  My husband (who is always a good sport) feels like tapas are a rip off (portion distortion, anyone?) but agreed to accompany me to avoid wasting my overwhelming $10 investment.

I’ve been to Ibiza before, and the food is always delicious.  My husband “pre-gamed” before we left the house, eating pizza and I munched on other foods including a protein shake, so neither of us arrived starving on a Friday night at 8pm.  The restaurant was suprisingly slow! 

I went with a classic salad as my first plate – grilled vegetables with two different balsamic dressings.   

I was hoping the veggies would be warm, but they had been precooked and chilled.  I love how roasted vegetables have a much deeper, more savory flavor.  The two balsamics (one was tangy, one was sweet) really worked well together.

The hot tapa I chose was a brie/fruit compote with puffed pastry.  Oh my.

This was so decadent – I didn’t want to think about the caloric content AT ALL – just enjoyed each bite.

They serve a selection of breads with hummus rather than butter. After polishing off two baskets’ worth (with a little help from me), Adam settled with a lemon buffalo shrimp dish.

The sauce was thick and tomato-y, not too spicy.  Delicious, but of course Adam wasn’t a fan of the portion size, no matter how much I explained the concept of “small plates”.

We both drank water and spent about $7 total, including tip, after redeeming the Groupon.  Definitely a success!  I’ve always enjoyed my experience at Ibiza, and will definitely be returning.

 Do you like tapas restaurants, or do you look for a full meal when dining out?

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