Restaurant Review – Italian Oven

One of the best things about living in a different part of town than I grew up in?

New restaurants!  I live and love to eat, people. ;)

Even better, Adam and I have been here twice and enjoyed it both times – it’s really close to our home!


We were there once for breakfast, pre-iPhone, and my photos from that trip are still on my Droid.  The highlights from our first time at The Italian Oven were good service, good food, reasonable prices & a nice, clean atmosphere.  Adam and I stopped in for dinner last week, and we were both starving, which led to a quick “YES, PLEASE!” when the server asked if we’d like bread and oil.

My husband, ever the light eater, chose cream of broccoli soup and fettuccine alfredo.  Seriously.

He was hoping for shrimp alfredo but didn’t see it on the menu, which led to me educating him on the fact that fettuccine was the noodle and alfredo was the sauce, and then dissecting the rest of the menu to determine what kind of noodle each entrée contained.  He was so impressed that I’m glad to say the six months I spent working at an Italian place in highschool paid off.

Anyway.  I ordered the portabella panini (see a trend here?) and upgraded from chips to sweet potato fries.

Purely for the Vitamin A boost! ;)  The sweet potato fries were better than average (and a HUGE serving – I had them as leftovers twice).  The sandwich was amazing, with crispy but thin ciabatta, sun-dried tomato pesto, and smoked mozzarella.  What is it about smoked cheeses that magically make them taste like bacon?  Does craving the flavor of bacon make me a bad vegetarian?

If that doesn’t, having a bite of Adam’s chicken alfredo does – I avoided the chicken, but had to confirm his opinion that the sauce was a bit on the bland side – heavy on the garlic, very little cheese flavor.

At least there were about 6 leaves of spinach in there for his daily veggie intake.

Although neither of us were thrilled with the pasta sauce, we had great service and a really good meal for a reasonable price.  They feature different specials each night (a few dollars off a pasta, cheap pizza, etc) and have wine and beer available.  We’ll definitely be back!

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